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Vertical lines on screen


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Vertical lines on screen

  • Inspiron 9300.  Two vertical lines appear on the screen (right and left side of the screen).  I have re-installed and updated all drivers but it didn't get rid of the lines.  Thanks in advance for any info that might resolve the issue.
  • Attach an external monitor. If the lines appear on it, you've got a video card or driver issue.

    If they do not, you have a faulty LCD panel that will need to be replaced.
  • I have the same problem on my lap i8600.  It started as one annoying line... then pretty soon its going to multiply.
    I called Dell Tech support... When you boot up, are the lines visible before the "Window's logo" comes up?  If so, it's a hardware issue. 
    At this point, you have several options....
    1) be annoyed with that stupid line.
    2) Spend the money and get the LCD screen replace.. ($250-$400) 
    3) Get an external monitor
    4) See if you can buy the video cable and replace the cable connector. (I'm still waiting on someone to advise on my post to see if this will work..)
    5) Sell the lappy before the other lines comes out.
    6) If all things fail.Try fixing it with a HAMMER and buy a new laptop.
  • I think there should be a survey or poll on all Dell laptop users from the past couple of years to investigate how many LCDs have developed vertical lines for no apparent reason (i.e. not by mistreatment by the user). If there are particular types of LCDs that have these faults due to a manufacturing problem, they should be replaced regardless of warranty status. The following is copied from the DTI Sale of Goods Act (UK) fact sheet:

    Q1. What is an inherent fault?

    A fault present at the time of purchase. Examples are:
    • an error in design so that a product is manufactured incorrectly
    • an error in manufacturing where a faulty component was inserted.
    The "fault" may not become apparent immediately but it was there at the time of sale and so the product was not of satisfactory standard.

    Q2. Do I only have rights for 30 (or some other figure) days after purchase?

    No. Depending on circumstances, you might be too late to have all your money back after this time, but the trader will still be liable for any breaches of contract, such as the goods being faulty. In fact, the trader could be liable to compensate you for up to six years.

    Q3. Are all goods supposed to last six (or five) years?

    No, that is the limit for bringing a court case in England and Wales (five years from the time of discovery in Scotland's case). An item only needs to last as long as it is reasonable to expect it to, taking into account all the factors. An oil filter would usually not last longer than a year but that would not mean it was unsatisfactory.

    I would expect an LCD to last a number of years before a fault like this appears, so if the faults are appearing around the 18 month mark, Dell have to replace them. I think I'll email Dell support and see what they say to this.
  • I too have the vertical line problem with my Inspiron that began at the 18 month period. I have contacted dell and all they could tell me was that I would have to replace the screen at a cost of ~$400. Seems to me a laptop screen should last longer than mine has. I am never buying a dell again due to this experience.
  • This is the purple line of death.  Dell has not yet officially admitted to this problem (as far as I know), but it is widespread and affects several laptops (mine is a 9300).  The symptoms show up at about 18 months then get progressively worse.  For more info see:
    (the thread currently goes on for 5 pages)
    One hopes Dell will do the right thing and replace defective displays even when out of warranty (since the problem appears to be the result of defective materials, workmanship or design).  A few people have found the right person at Dell or told the right story to get free out of warranty replacement, but so far Dell seems mostly not to care how many customer they will lose by not taking responsibility for selling defective screens (I've been on the phone 4 hours now being routed endlessly to from one department to another or disconnected while waiting on transfer). 
  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news...It's your back light and it's not drivers.  Again, this a hardware issue.  At this point you have the following options
    1) Call Dell warranty to see you are covered.  If not... you're .  see option 2-4
    2) sell you computer before it gets worse
    3) buy a external monitor ($200-$400) and docking station
    4) Not to anything and live with it.
    Either way it's going to painful....  Welcome to the club.
  • The displays Dell uses are maufactured by LG Phillips, a Korean company which is currently trying to create the largest lcd panels available. I wonder if Phillips will appreciate the bad vibes created by Dell refusing to take responsibility ( I am attempting to get a response from Phillips about whether or not they have already (or are planning) to correct the defect, and if so how one can tell from the part number or batch number or whatever (I operate a repair shop and would hate to replace a customer's display with one that will likely fail).

    The LG Phillips part number on the display in my Inspiron 9300 is LP171WX2 B4. These displays can be purchased on ebay for about $225 (though one schmuck is trying to sell a display that has already developed vertical lines for $79 - I guess he thinks its a good deal because it has so few lines...).

    Online Dell service manuals have instructions for removing and dissaembling laptop displays. It is a faily simple process to replace the lcd panel (many could do it themselves and any competent local computer shop should be able to do the job in well under an hour).

    If Dell cared about their customers they would at least make replacement lcd panels available at cost (probably $100 or less) since so many are failing so soon after warranty. Instead Dell priced a replacement lcd panel for my Inspiron 9300 at $500 whether I do the work myself or send it in, about the cost of a comparable new laptop. Not a good way to treat long term customers...

  • Just a quick note to add myself to the ever growing list of affected users.  I'm very, very unhappy about this.
  • I guess I'd like to add myself to the list of unhappy Dell customers. I, too, am having problems with my 9200 LCD. Exactly the left half of my screen is covered in blue and purple vertical lines, so much that I can't see anything on that side of the monitor. The right side is perfectly fine and the display works great onxternal monitors. I don't know what I was thinking in trying to call Dell asking for help. Waited on the phone for hours, getting transfered around 6-7 times only to be disconnected. I know one thing for sure, Dell has lost me as a future customer and I hope everyone else follows suite. What a horrible company.....
  • My inspiron 1300, which I bought in Apr 2006 (received in May 2006) is now out of operation thanks to the LCD issue. Exactly 13 month of use / $600 for the laptop and 1 month after the 1 yr warranty.
    And the only that mattered when I called Customer Service this weekend, was that they would need to charge me $50 before they can address my problem. My problem for now, there problem soon!
    Disgraceful and ever again.
  • I too have the vertical screen lines  started  out with 1 and now have 7  will it take over my screen??
  • I too have the veritcal lines which seem to be reproducing rapidly.  My laptop is not that old but the warranty has expired.  Can anything be done besides buying a new laptop?  I understand this is a common problem.  I believe I paid about $1700 for this laptop and it was purchased in 2005.  I thought they were supposed to last longer than 2 years. This is an Inspirion 9300 which I must use for work.

    August 16,2007  Got in touch with Dell support and they gave me Case# to get my laptop fixed.  The laptop was picked up and three days later I had my computer back with the screen fixed.
    Thanks Dell!

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