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No video, Error code 1000-0321, Unable to detect LCD


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No video, Error code 1000-0321, Unable to detect LCD

  • Hello,
    I have an Inspiron 1200 with nothing on the display.
    Running the diagnostics (F12) I get the following failure:
    Error Code: 1000-0321 Unable to detect LCD connection.
    The LCD Inverter tests past and I do have a faint glow off the back of the LCD screen.
    I'm assuming at this point it is probably a bad LCD, is there any way of determining if the problem is the video driving circuit on the motherboard or if it really is the LCD.
    I can break out an oscilloscope an look at the signals going up to the LCD if yo can give me an idea of the pinout, etc...
  • I've had a similar problem with an M6400 (the error code was 2000-0321). Eventually, they replaced the LED display as well as the videocard (nVidia Quadro FX2700M) at the service (fortunately, my guarantee was still valid). If you are reading this because you're experiencing the symptoms described in the original post, I'm sorry I've had bad news to let you know. However, the guy at the service told me he found that one of the pins of the connector on the videocard into which the cable connecting the videocard and the display goes that had been damaged, so maybe you can try checking cable connections first. Oh, and another thing: the laptop originally came with a simpler CCFL display, and it did work with that, even when it did not with the LED-based one I bought separately.

  • Here is the  problem I have with my Dell Inspiron 6000.   My LCD screen needed replacement.  I changed the LCD screen and  when I powered on,  I saw  the screen is splited up as 4 screens ( 4 quadrants).   This happens right from the system start up. 

    I ran the diagnostic test and it returns that  LCD connection error and returns error as  1000-0321.  

    I do not know what could be the problem.   If anyone can help me on this.  I will be very happy.

  • This can happen if you purchase a screen not supported by your system.  Did you buy the same screen that you had, and if not - did you purchase one known to have shipped with an 6000?  Notebook LCDs are not universally interchangeable.


  • The screen came with Dell Inspiron 6000 was Matt finish.  I bought a screen which was compatible  WXGA and now I have the problem.  Is there any drivers that could be downloaded for resolving this issue.

  • LCDs don't need drivers - they do however need BIOS support.  Either the screen you purchased is not compatible or is faulty.


  • Thanks.   I tried to download the BIOS.   How to download the BIOS.   If I go to the Dell site, it downloads the download manager and gives error message saying that no files selected for download.

    Timely help will help me a lot.

  • It's not a BIOS problem -- that won't solve anything.  If the download manager isn't working and you wish to update the BIOS anyway, clear your browser cache (all cookies) and go back and select "download using a web browser" instead of the download manager.

    For the download manager to work you must have the framework installed (Windows update has it).

  • do you think the best solution is to return the screen and get a replacement.  I do not know whether returns are possible.  do you think any desktop service person can help in this.

  • You will need a different screen, one way or another.  Make sure what you purchase is known to have shipped in an Inspiron 6000 - as you have seen, notebook LCDs are not universal.  Notebooks are designed to work only with those screens the manufacturer (Quanta Computer, in this case) shipped with the systems.  If the screen isn't identical to the original, you may (likely will) need a new data cable and inverter as well.



  • then what if whats happening to him is happening to me as well? except i have the original lcd that came with my inspiron 6400 laptop? it cant be a compatibility issue anymore can it?

    it was working fine last night, i put it to standby, like i do every single time, then when i turn it on this morning, it goes straight to blue screen, saying "parity check/memory parity error", this has happened before a couple times in the last 4 years, but usually a restart fixes it, so i force shut down, waited a bit and started it up again, but this time im seeing quadruples right from the beginning, and i still get the blue screen after the windows loading screen, before the user name login screen...

    i tried safe mode, i got in but with 4 screens still, then i ran a virus scan, found and quarantined some exe file, i couldnt read the name cuz it was on 1/4 of a 15.6 inch screen, but i think it was uda or something...then i restarted again, nothing different, so i went in safe mode again to do a system restore, still then i went and did a diagnostic test, and found 2 errors

    LCD connection test, error code: 1000-0321, unable to detect LCD

    DST short status test, error code: 1000-0146, unit 0: DST log contains previous errors

    and thats where i am right now...if anybody can shine a light on this situation, and possibly help me find a solution to it other than buy a new computer or format it, i would greatly appreciate it, thank you!

  • The second error indicates a faulty hard drive.  At least that will need to be replaced.

    Is there a good image if you connect an external monitor?


  • i dont think so, my harddrive is fine, because as i said, i can access everything in safe mode just fine...

    and my friend tried to connect my laptop to his desktop monitor, the same thing happens, u can see everything, but 4 of them...

  • That would indicate a failed video chip.  And the other error - the drive self test error - does mean you have a failing hard drive, so make sure you have backups.


  • ya im getting theres something wrong wit the video card as well...and probably the connection to the lcd monitor, because the joints are relatively loose...i dont know wat you mean by failing hard drive, because i was able to access it in safe mode, windows started up...if the harddrive is dysfunctional, the windows shuoldnt be able to start up, right?