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what is the 7-pin svideo connector for on Inspiron 9400?


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what is the 7-pin svideo connector for on Inspiron 9400?

  • Hi,
       It seems like many of the inspirons, including the 9400 get shipped with 7 pin DIN Svideo connector.
    Well,Svideo/composite video doesn't really need all of these pins, so what is the rest for?
    Maybe for digital audio out? component video out?
    Any comments?
  • Well apparently its for colour video to TV, as I've just bought a 4 pin s-video cable and it only displays it in black and white on the TV. Read on another forum that a 7 pin s-video cable may solve this problem but means taking this cable back for a refund now.
    It boasts being a universal DVD to TV kit, and shows diagrams of using the computer to play DVD's on a TV.
  • Actually you need the AV dongle from Dell to connect to this port. Then you gain Svideo out, digital audio out and straight video out. You will still need that 4 pin cable to go from the dongle to your TV
  • Just read the manual, the 's-video to composite adaptor' is for use if you don't have the s-video port in your TV. I realise it would actually save me money though if I could get hold of this adaptor. Does this change your opinion on the 4 pin s-video lead?
  • s-video is only 4 pins, to do color. Audio is seperate. To get S-video out of the computer you need the s-video adapter or is you want you could custom make a cable to go from the computer to S-video pin out but cheaper to just buy the adapter and then you gain the digital audio output at the same time.

    Watch out, the Dell dongle is not always compatible between different models. Get the one intended for your machine.