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Screen colors look "washed out"


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Screen colors look "washed out"

  • OK-I found the Fn key and adjusted the brightness but still, it doesn't help the colors on some of the pages. What should be yellow and green palm trees on one of my preset themes on a page comes across as almost-white with grey palm trees. The colors look faded on other pages to. I tried the resolution setting and lowered it and OMG the writing dithered but it didn't improve the colors either! What is the fix for this? I have an inspirion 9300 w/17" screen and Win XP home edition that I just received on the 21st of this month.
  • is there a light (or worse) sunlight aimed at the screen?  basic question i know, but it has to be asked
  • hi.

    maybe we're looking at the same problem. is this what you have:

    i'm having a really hard time with dells techsupport. 2 screen exchanges and now they claim that the screen works as it should. nevertheless, external screens are displaying the brightness/contrast correctly (as well as svhs-out) while the laptop-screen is unbearably distorted.