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Screen Resolution Inspiron 9300

  • We just received a new Dell Inspiron 9300 to replace our (very old) Inspiron 3000.  We opted for what I believe is the basic screen on the 9300 (17 inches, xga?). Anyway, is there any reason why the crispness or clarity for the 9300 should be inferior to what we were getting from our very old Inspiron 3000??  We are not techies, so believe us, there are no upgrades to that Inspiron 3000.  When we refer to crispness or clarity, we refer, for example, to simple internet website graphics, like the google banner on  Looks sharp as always on my 3000, but on the 9300 looks less than sharp, perhaps a little blocky or blurry.  Same with internet picture files, like, for example, the main picture right now on the front page of or or, etc.  In other words, really basic stuff, yet it seems pixelated in comparison to what we were getting from the 3000.  We havent adjusted any of the factory presets on the 9300 - should we??  So I believe the preset resolution is 1440 x 900.
    We would love to get some good news.  We dont think we will be able to keep the new 9300 otherwise.  Will have to return it.
  • make sure your dpi is set to 96 and not 120 under display properties>settings>advanced
  • Thanks.  That did the trick.

    Interesting trade-off though, huh.  Before everything looked mediocre at best, but the entire 17" of the screen was being used by websites.  Now everything looks great but the websites really only end up using about 2/3 of that big 17" screen.  I wonder what the majority of people opt for.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  • I am having the same problem If you get a fix please let me know