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D600 - Can't Drive TV from S-Video Out


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D600 - Can't Drive TV from S-Video Out

  • I have a D600 Latitude running XP. I want to view DVDs in the laptop on the TV screen. I connect a cable which is has an S-video connector and audio to connector to the laptop. The cable has 2x RCA audio and 1x composite video at the other end. I connect these into the correct sockets on the TV (or video). I can hear sound but nothing on the TV screen.

    I have downloaded the latest ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 driver from the Dell site and flashed the BIOS. When I use the Advanced settings facility the only video device available is the Panel (laptop screen. There is no TV available. Also when I try and select a 2nd monitor I cab "Attach' it but not select it a as a 'Primary' (its greyed out).

    Presumably the bottom line of all this is that Radeon card and/or software just isn't detecting a TV (S-video in). But why? I seem to have done everything recommended.

    The only think I am unsure of is following links here onto the ATI site it appears to recommend a different driver to be downloaded as part of the Catalyst suite. Tried this but ran into issues which I didn't like the look of ("No VGA Driver present"?) so reverted back to the ATI Mobility Radeon driver.

    It can't be this hard! (It isn't with my Mac)

    Any advice gratefully received
  • Did you make sure to have the cables attached and TV on before booting the laptop?
  • Yes I have done this.

    The audio is recieved but not the video. I can the odd flicker when I change a setting in Display preferences but nothing else.


  • Did you ever get this fixed? I have the same problem!
  • No - and if you look at the latest message in an earlier post from'nabu' entitled "Re: latitude d600 radeon mobility 9000 tv out problems ...." it suggests that there isn't a solution to the problem becuase the Mobility Radeon card doesn't support 'Force TV Detection'.

    If true this is a prety poor state of affairs to deliver a laptop with a port that doesn't work!

  • Try press "Fn - F8" a couple of times. That is what I need for my Dell Precision M60. Good luck.
  • Hi after reading many postings, I could successfully managed to use S-Video from my Dell Latitude D600.

    It originally had Mobility Radeon 9000. I 've downloaded the Omega display driver at http://www.driverheavendownloads.net/omegadrive.htm

    Basically there are two things to remeber.

    1. The video signals should be detected by TV automatically. If not, then we need to force the TV detection

    2. Video plays only in one monitor, that is in primary monitor. So, we need to make the TV as primary monitor.

    Navigate, Display->Settings -> Advanced ->Displays

    Select TV as start, and select laptop monitor as stop (toggle with power-on/off icon for both these options).

    There you go!

  • This is encouraging but how did you work out which driver to download?


  • The info in Omega Driver download site said, it works for every ATI driver. So, I 've selected "rad_w2kxp_omega_2675a_7z.exe" from the list. I took a risk, as I can restore anything while I am at work with my company's dektop support.
  • Success!

    Thanks very much for you help.

    The only issue I have now is that the TV is always shown as 'not connected' and I have to switch the TV display on and 'apply' the setting.

    At least I can drive the TV though!

  • Hey Guys, im trying to use the tv out and i tried with the drivers you mentionned. It is not working.

    could you please give me your setup so i can compare ?

    -drivers (with tv out working)
    -os ?



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  • i am also having a hard time getting this to function properly.  When i go to the Properties->Settings->Advanced->Displays i can not get the s-video to work.  I have updated the drivers and tried powering the system down and connecting the cables and re-starting the system without any luck.  I do not understand how to reflash the bios so that could be causing it.  Can anyone help us?

  • I am able to get mine to work by doing the following:


    Hook laptop to TV via s-video out

    Power up laptop and turn on TV

    Go to Control Panel à Display

    Click on “Settings” tab

    Click on “Advanced” button

    Click on “Displays” tab

    Click on the upper left part of the “TV” icon heading





  • I found a way to make it work, this is my settings (may not be <the settings to use>, but it worked for me)

    1- bios A16

    2- set video card as <system> in the bios

    3- install the ATI drivers -> rad_w2kxp_omega_2675a_7z.exe

    4- Make sure you plug the video cable to a TV and that the <input/AUX> setting on the TV/video is selected BEFORE booting.

    5- Do not use an rca->cable modulator. (it may work, but for me it wasn't working.) I used a different input to test with and it worked only with the TV.

    6- Also make sure your cable is OK. I tried with a cheap homemade RCA cable, and it wasn't working.

    7- then go to ->Settings->Advanced->Displays, activate the TV. (open troubleshoot, and force detection.)

    - if its not working, mess with #4, #5 and #6. and REBOOT.

    Hope it will help




  • thank you very much... i finally got it to work... updated the drivers, turned everything off, powered up the tv and then powered up the laptop... thanks for the help