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Screen blacking and whiting out


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Screen blacking and whiting out

  • I think this is going to end up being a hardware issue, but I wanted to get some opinions here. My computer is an Inspiron 6000 with the ati x300 128 graphics card, pentium centrino 1.6, 2 gb ram, widows xp home. It is roughly 1 month old
    Every day or so (though i dont think time is an issue) my screen will either go completely white, and ill have to reboot, or it will balck out completely, like it has no power at all (no glow to the screen at all) and the compouter will totally lock up. At first I tried re-installing various drivers, including the video drivers, from the Dell site. When that didnt work, I went ahead and did a complete system restore, but the problem remains, leading me to believe its a hardware issue. Any thoughts?
  • Call Dell and have the screen replaced under warranty.
  • I was thinking the same thing. Thanks
  • Hi DJ,

    I am also thinking of buying this system. Can you post back to let us know how it all goes?

    Thanks! :smileyhappy:

  • I'll let you know what happens. For what it's worth, up until this started happeneing, I was very happy with my Inspiron. (And Im sure I will be again once it's fixed).
  • Same blacking out screen but this is Inspiron 5160 less than one year old.
  • Well, they got my replacement screen out to me within 4 days, but they sent a Refurb.  When the tech arrived, he was a really nice guy.  I told him I was not interested in a refurb, that I purchased a new computer less than a week ago and if I didn't get a new part they could just give me an RMA and I'd send the laptop back.  He called the Dell rep and explained - the Dell rep told me that this was a mistake, that if the replacement was within the 21 days (the time I could return it) that the replacement should have been a new part.  The Dell tech replaced my screen with the refurb but they gave me a new service order for a new screen, should arrive in the next couple days.