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inspiron 8200 video upgrade


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inspiron 8200 video upgrade

  • I need some information and maybe prices for inspiron 8200 video upgrade. I just want to replace the 32 meg GF 4 440 it has. What are my options.
  • ATI 9000, about $150 or nVidia Quadro4Go, about $350. Both are proprietary to the C-chassis Dells - you can try Dell Spare Parts (below) but it's likely the used market may be your only option now.

    Dell Spare Parts 1-800-449-3355 ext 7269937
  • And there is a 64meg version of each of the 3 cards offered for this build. Now i am usually an nVidia guy but if you are playing games on the unit for this machine in particulat i would recomend the ATI card. If you are doing home vids i like the gforce4
  • The Quadro4 700 GoGL part number 6X935 is the most powerful card you can get.  It is essentially a Ti4200 video card.
  • Hello...
    I was wondering if the inspiron 8200 allows memory upgrades up till 2GB? but the specifications states it can only have 1GB maximum memory?
    and i see that u proposed to fit a 2.6 ghz processor? can it fit the 2.6ghz processor? and is the replacement of processor as simple as just taking the old one out and fitting in a new one? please advise...
    would appreciate any tips and hacks to help improve my system's performance at current as i don't wanna buy a new laptop... i just bought a 2.4ghz chip and planning to replace my current 1.6 chip.. and a 64mb ATI 7500 to swap with my current 32gb geforce 2 go...
    Yeah any tips and hacks to improve improvements will be greatly appreciated.... thanks...
  • Havent seen anyone do 2gig with the inspiron bios. I have done it with the M50 bios and heard it done with c840 bios. Unfortunatly each 1gig stick remains roughly equal cost as another used machine.