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Display on Inspiron 8500 turns white

  • Hi All
    I am having a problem with my Inspiron 8500 display. Every now and then, the whole screen goes white, starting from the bottom right hand corner before covering the whole screen. The only way to return to normal, is to move the LCD screen. This has only started happening in the last week, and i don't really know why.
    Anyone out there have any ideas??
  • It could be a loose cable, but more likely it's a failing chip on the LCD controller board inside the screen. If you're under warranty, call Dell - they'll replace the screen. If you're not, that's expensive ($500-700+); repair by an LCD pro will be $200 or less.
  • I have a Inspiron 8200 and it just started happening to me at school today. Upon bootup it is fine, then when i get to the desktop or log on screen, my screen would start to flicker and lines all over the place and the screen would become distorted and my whole system would freeze.
    I am at home now and what is happening is exactly the same as what is happening to you, when i get to the desktop, my comp freezes, but instead of white the screen gradually turns black starting from the bottom right and starts to cover the whole screen.
    But the weird thing is, im currently now in safe mode, and ive been in safe mode for about 15 minutes now and everything seems fine. (i will update if it happens again) It only happens when I load up Windows not in safe mode.
    Im currently using my desktop computer. See if you can boot into safe mode (tapping F5 upon boot up) and see if the problem still persists.
  • Also try an external monitor - if it's OK, the problem is with the panel. If it's not, the problem is more likely with the video card, though there is an outside chance it could be the drivers.
  • I sympathize with you. I own an XPS Inspiron with a WUXGA screen. Lately, it has sporadically frozen, and then turned white-and-grey from the bottom corners. This is awful, because I then lose whatever I was doing. The computer later says that the hardware is bad, but the service tech just came and replaced it today. Right after he leaves---- BLAM! A huge text document I was working on went down the drain for the problem that was supposed to be fixed.
    Do the XPS Inspirons have these behind the screen chips? I love my Desktop Replacement Laptop, but XPS support is getting too busy. I turned to all the other users here for help.
  • wait a minute. I think that belongs in a different thread.