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Screen flashes like a strobe light.


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Screen flashes like a strobe light.

  • Depending on the program I am running, happens on the web a lot, the whole screen will start flashing like a strobe light. Not just the browser, the whole screen. Sometimes if I scroll down it will stop, other times it won't. It's driving me insane!!! I have a dell Latitude 800, ATI card, and  screen res set at 1280 x 1024.


  • helloworld:

    Try moving your LCD toward it's open and closed positions. Does this seem to affect the flickering? What Operating System are you using? Approximately how recently did you first begin to experience this problem and do you remember making any hardware or software changes to your configuration directly previous to this first occurring?


  • It is running windows 2000, no moving the lcd does not work. It has done this since we got it 2 years ago.  It does not do it on every web site, only certian ones and it does not do this on regular applications. Both netscape and explorer seem to cause this problem. is an example of one of the sites it freaks out on. It flashes so fast on that page that unless I can manage to get the cursor to close the window or get the page scrolled down about half way, it is unreadable.  The windows menu bar at the bottom is included in the flashing.



  • helloworld:

    Does changing the resolution and/or color depth seem to help? I would recommend attaching an external monitor to the system and setting it to be the primary display device. Press your Fn and F8 keys simultaneously until the image only appears on the external display, then see if this particular website exhibits the video anomaly.

    I would also recommend using the Dell Diagnostics disk to test your video subsystem. Just insert your Dell Diagnostics disk into the floppy drive and reboot the system. If you do not currently have this disk on hand you can download a file which will recreate the disk for you from our website. Just go to our website at the following address:

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Insert your system's service tag in the text box labeled "System Service Tag" and click the "Go" button. You will be given a list of files and drivers specific to your system. Click on the "Diagnostics Utilities" category and then download the latest file to your desktop. Double click on the file and you should be asked to insert a blank, formatted diskette. Once this bootable disk has been created, restart your system with the disk still inserted in the diskette drive. The diagnostics program should automatically begin to load.

    Note: If your system came with a Diagnostic CD, go into the BIOS and set the CD to boot first, then reboot with the Diagnostic CD in the CD-ROM drive.


  • I had faced similar problem on two machines (Latitude C-800). The problem was resolved by replacing LCD.
  • Have had this issue with a few of our C800's and nothing worked but changing the LCD. Have gone thru all troubleshooting steps that Dell ran us through etc, nothing. Only thing was getting that LCD fixed. Now, knowing this, why hasn't there been some sort of acknowledgement (sp) from Dell saying this is an issue. Whenever you call support they act like they've never heard of this and it's all new to them? It isn't on the KB as far as I can tell and only found out that it is definitely a big issue after coming on here to find out many others are having the same issue.
  • Yeah,  this is nice for me to know too.  I have a C800 with this problem,  and it has been attributed to being a bad video driver from ATI in combination with poorly written javascript on some web page menus.  If you scroll the offending menu off the screen,  the flickering stops.  I will try calling Dell again to see if they will replace the LCD on my system to make this "go away"...
  • I have had the identical problem since obtaining my Latitude C800 2 years ago. Very annoying, and can't afford a new LCD screen.
  • Same thing happens on my C800 wheen I visit certain websites, also whenever I start any games, do i really have to replace the lcd?
  • This problem seems to be known by ATI - at least HP (Compaq) have a new driver that solves the problem on their laptops. The weird thing is that the problem is only on the internal screen, if I attach an external monitor that one is stable but the LCD is a strobe.

    Getting menu on the webpage scrolled out of the visible stops the flashing.

    To be more specific: From the bad point in the picture and down the screen everything is black, from the top and down to the problem it flashes rapid.

    The latest web to show the problem is the where the green menu trigger the problem.