I was trying to play a DVD from my D800 to a TV.  I tried to go to the display settings and activate the second monitor.  The TV was hooked up via the S-Video port on the laptop.  Whenever I tried to check the box for extending the desktop to the second monitor, the laptop display would turn off, then back on, the TV would blip as if a video signal came across the line, and then everything would revert back to the way it was, all in the span of about 1 second.  The second monitor would be greyed-out again, and the "extend my desktop" box was unchecked for monitor 2.  It was like the laptop was trying to activate a 2nd monitor, but couldn't.

Is there something else I should be looking for?  I am running WinXP Pro, with the latest BIOS from Dell, an nVidea video driver (latest bios & driver downloaded from Dell).

Also, if I ever get the 2nd monitor to activate successfully, can I plug a video source (tv, monitor, projector, etc) into either the VGA port or the S-Video port?  Or, do I need to set something to tell the laptop which port to use?

-- Jeff L.