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Display corruption


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Display corruption

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I previously posted this in the wrong forum section, apologises.

Inspiron 15 7567

I am experiencing some odd displays with Excel 2016. and DesignCad.V25  As far as I can tell all settings are standard and Nvidia drivers are up to date. 

The line spacing between text seems to become compressed and tops and bottoms of lines are cut off.

What should I do to correct this?

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  • Hi there, 

    Do you know what scaling and resolution of the display is set to? And does this follow an external display? Also what does it do in DesignCad? I am going to be out of the office until Monday but should be on for awhile longer.

    I am hoping it might be a simple scaling fix.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks Brad. Sorry for the delayed response the forum has been read only for several days?

    Current settings are: Screen Res 3840 x 2160, Scaling 250%. Both show as 'Recommended' by Win10.

    Snapshot of DesignCad corruption below.

  • No worries on the delay, I am not sure if there was an update to the forum while I was out or a backup etc, regardless on your system, can you lower the scaling (I know it will get smaller, so you could do it in increments 200%, 150%, etc.)? I would like to see if lowering the scaling at least changes the way the text overlaps/is corrupted in DesignCad and Excel. I have seen this happen scaling but wanted to confirm this was what was happening. Also, you might need to log out/in or restart after each scaling change (sorry about this, but I want to say it will ask you to do this.

    Please let me know if you have questions.    

    Best regards,


  • Yes it is scaling.

    Reducing from 250 to 200 makes Excel correct but I had to go down to 150 for DesignCad.

    Needless to say everything is unreadable at 150 and a strain at 200


    DesignCad at 150

    DesignCad at 200

  • Sorry on the delay, unfortunately I did not see this reply. This might be something the DesignCad software team might have a workaround for, but did you have any luck? On a high res display it makes sense to have the scaling up so you can see what you're working on, but unfortunately some apps do not handle this scaling as well as they should. I have personally come across this issue as well regardless of computer manufacturer/monitor type etc and usually have seen fixes from the company producing the software. While you're in the app does it have any scaling options in there?