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XPS 9560 - Screen flicker


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XPS 9560 - Screen flicker

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I have the 4K screen 32GB RAM model of the 9560. Every now and then the screen will momentarily flash black (for maybe 0.25 - 0.5 seconds) and then go back to normal. Sometimes it'll flicker slightly before coming back - also there is sometimes some graphic black and white stripes/corruption (kind of looks like a barcode effect) at the same time.

I've updated to the newer Intel Graphics drivers (which fixed the Chrome lag for me - i.e. version 4590) but I still get the issue. I have also tried disabling Chrome from running in the background and using Opera instead. But the issue still remains. Some Googling revealed that others had the same issue with the 9550 and a setting on the Dell Wireless drivers fixed it. I wouldn't be all that surprised if the Killer drivers were causing an issue - but unfortunately it does not have the same setting as the Dell Wireless drivers. I have also seen mention of disabling Hyper-v. Although I have Windows 10 Home (no Hyper-v), I've tried disabling the two Virtualisation settings in the BIOS but I'm still suffering from the issue.

I should add that it does not appear to be a mechanical issue. Moving the screen or tiling the laptop does not cause/replicate the issue. Instead, it'll happen randomly when the laptop is perfectly still.

It can go hours/days without the issue appearing and then suddenly I'll have two or three instances of it within an hour.

If anybody else has encountered the same issue and knows a fix then I'd be very grateful.


Having done some research, I see that this same issue has been reported numerous times in respect of the 4k panel on the 9560 and the 9360. See here:

- Anyone getting similar screen flickering from 9560? https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/5xvuv0/anyone_getting_similar_screen_flickering_from_9560/
- XPS 9550 + 4K panel screen flicker thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/xps-9550-4k-panel-screen-flicker-thread.795285/

The latter link also includes numerous reports of the same issue in respect of the 9550 (278 replies to that thread and counting). A user on Reddit posted a video on Youtube a couple of days ago showing the same issue I (and others) are suffering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=14&v=1vyBADhmgq4

Given that this issue has been present since the 9550, it would seem this is something that Dell has overlooked. The laptop isn't really fit for purpose with the screen flickering black. I'd be grateful if someone from Dell would confirm whether a fix for this issue will be released (and the timeframe). If not, I'd be grateful if you could advise how I can proceed with arranging for a return and refund.

Dell 9560: 7700HQ / 32 GB RAM / 1 TB Drive / 4k screen with flicker and browser/Excel stutter lag / wifi with regular signal loss

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  • I have the same issue and it is directly tight to hyper-v. Without hyper-v, it works well. If I enable hyper-v, screen flicker. It makes Docker unusable on XPS until Dell fixes this, which is a problem for developers.

  • Well thanks for all of your help with this one so far Dell...

    Further reports from users with this same issue on the 9560:



    Dell 9560: 7700HQ / 32 GB RAM / 1 TB Drive / 4k screen with flicker and browser/Excel stutter lag / wifi with regular signal loss

  • And I see someone with a 9550 is reporting this same issue: en.community.dell.com/.../20007992

    Dell 9560: 7700HQ / 32 GB RAM / 1 TB Drive / 4k screen with flicker and browser/Excel stutter lag / wifi with regular signal loss

  • Seeing as the people from Dell are ignoring us, I tried reaching out to their Twitter team in case that might prompt a response. Unhelpfully they said they are "unable" to respond to us in this thread as they have a dedicated team of people at Dell who deal with requests via the Dell Support Forums. I am yet to see any one of this so-called team to bother responding to our requests for help. So much for being dedicated...

    Here is the Twitter exchange: 


    Dell 9560: 7700HQ / 32 GB RAM / 1 TB Drive / 4k screen with flicker and browser/Excel stutter lag / wifi with regular signal loss

  • And another report: www.reddit.com/.../

    Dell 9560: 7700HQ / 32 GB RAM / 1 TB Drive / 4k screen with flicker and browser/Excel stutter lag / wifi with regular signal loss

  • Same boat...Puck up 2 of them for a client,  They will have a specific configuration with Windows 10 Enterprise...  One has already been nuked,Enterprise Installed and the (most current stable) drivers installed clean from scratch.

    The other is still running the out of box build, but has been fully updated (OS, Apps, Drivers...).

    They both behave the exact same way... The aforementioned screen flicker... One does is every few hours or so... The other may be a tad more frequent,

    Either way it is not acceptable,,,  There is no way I am handing off a product to a client that is anything less than perfect,

  • Exact same issue here...

    Purchased 2 units for a client.  They will be running a specific set of applications on Windows 10 Enterprise.  One has already been nuked, Enterprise installed & Updated, All current stable drivers manually installed form scratch.  No additional software or bloat installed.

    The other unit is still running the out of box software build. The OS, Applications and drivers have been update.

    Both units flicker seemingly random.  Sometimes its once in several hours or repeatedly in seconds... One system does seem slightly more prone to doing it more frequently.

  • Count me in. 9560 4k/16gb/512 gb. i am going to return the laptop. Its not worth to tolerate these issues after spending hard earned 2000$. Dell customer service is horrible. It seems like they do not care about customers. well done DELL.

  • After an hour on the phone with tech support updating things, testing things, etc., the issue remains. I've decided to get a replacement. If the next one is bad I'll move on. This said, I hope I'll get a unit that is OK as I still believe this is likely the best 15" around at the moment. Fingers crossed...

  • @JBW69 - Given the sheer volume of users reporting this issue, I suspect it is an underlying issue with drivers/BIOS. I hope I'm wrong for your sake however.

    Unfortunately it seems Dell are just ignoring our requests for help in this thread. Presumably because they have no solution to this issue (perhaps building small/thin Macbook Pro-style laptops are beyind Dell's skills/expertise). In the meantime, I'm going to continue documenting every mention of this from the other main forums on Dell. Maybe that'll shame Dell into responding - or perhaps they'll choose to lock this thread on the basis they have not wish to help any of us... Dell's Twitter team someone will respond here soon but I'm not holding my breath:

    Latest reports of this issue: