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Latitude D620 and Windows 10

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Will Dell be releasing updated NVIDIA drivers for this older laptop compatible with Windows 10.  The stock drivers in the Windows Pre-release only support one  low resolution.  

I know this is an older laptop, but it works great and is still fast and current.  

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  • Hello,

    The final specs and requirements for Windows 10 have not yet officially been released.  Until they are, and that won't happen until closer to the release date, we can't definitively say which systems will and will not have drivers released by Dell that are Win10 compatible.

    That being said, the D620 was a great system (I had one for years) but considering the age of that system, they premiered in 2006, it's highly doubtful in my opinion, that Dell will provide new drivers for those NVIDIA cards.  NVIDIA themselves may release drivers for it and I recommend you check their site when we get closer to the Win10 launch, as well as our support site, to see if drivers are indeed released.  

    You may want to check this great FAQ post about Windows 10 that one of our community members created.  It has a ton of good information on Win10 and what you can expect to see regarding that OS, drivers, etc. 

    Sorry I couldn't give you a more definitive answer but at this point the decision on which systems will receive Win10 drivers hasn't been finalized.


  • I have had Windows 10 Build 10240 (32 bit) running on my Dell D620 for several weeks now with no problems. The only issue was the display driver loaded was a Microsoft Display driver that was poor quality.

    However I decided to check to see if the Vista 32 bit driver would work. I'm happy to report that it does with only a minor issue. When using the APPS I don't have the Minimize, Maximize, Close buttons. This only seems to affect the APPS. Regular PC APPLICATIONS are fine and have the buttons. Since the APPS can still be closed as normal by clicking on the upper right corner of the APP where the close button should be it's not an issue for me as I use APPS only for system settings. Happy to report that I have a good quality display again using Windows 10 Pro 32 Bit with the DELL D620 Vista 32 bit Driver. The driver for download is available on the Dell site here....

  • Dave

    Very interesting. I loaded W10 on my D620 last week and it knocked out the network card and WiFi card. I've had 8.1 on it for years.

    The Win 10 version I have is 64 bit and I wonder if that is causing the issue.

  • I would bet it's the 64bit version that is the problem...I have nine computers and eight of the nine I've successfully upgraded to Windows 10 32-bit (Some Home and some Pro)...I stayed in the 32 bit world and am happy I did...I have no reason to go more than 32bit as 4gb RAM (3.2 to 3.5 depending on the system) is just fine for what I do...I'm not a gamer so I don't need a super uber video card (All my video cards are 512MB ram)...And most applications are still 32bit only. Tests have been done on the same computers comparing 32bit and 64bit and only a few applications (Photo/Video editing, etc.) are significantly faster with 64bit. For most 32 bit is fine but the industry has been pushing 64bit heavy for the last few years (for really no good reason for most users).

    I had actually upgraded the D620 about two weeks ago and had tried  a different video driver then but this morning it popped in my head I had tried the wrong video driver (My card in my D620 is an NVidia card)...

    When I downloaded the Vista 32bit Nvidia driver today it immediately installed. Now I have a nice resolution again...EVERYTHING in my D620 is working with no exclamation marks in device manager.

    My D620 is on 24/7 365 days a year as it runs my weather station software uploading to the Internet round the clock. I bought it almost 4 years ago used for about $120...Pretty good dealio...

    I have only one laptop computer that has failed to install Windows 10 (Fujitsu Lifebook A6120)...Even telling it to not keep anything it fails the install...It may be destined to remain Windows 7...All my computers with the exception of a Winbook (Also upgraded from Win 8.1 to Windows 10) are at least five years old or older...And all are running Windows 10 32bit either Home or Pro with no problems.

    Reference the issue of not having minimize, maximize, close buttons on the APPS using the Vista 32-bit Nvidia Driver on the D620...I realized after I posted that it's easy to close those APPS...You just point down to the taskbar for the APP and the tiny window pops up from the taskbar showing your APP....That little window has a big RED X to close the APP...So that's how to close the APPS easily. And like I said it's only the APPS that have the buttons missing...Regular PC applications buttons are there fine...So it looks like my DELL D620 will continue on and on and if I have a hardware failure I'll just pick up another D620 used for cheap...

    If you don't absolutely need 64bit (And I can't imagine why anybody would need 64bit on D620 I would reinstall Windows 10 32-bit and see how that goes (Should go fine and grab the 32bit Vista driver for the D620 off the Dell website...CHEERS!!!

  • OOPS!!!...

    I just discovered a problem using the VISTA 32 bit driver under Windows 10 I had not previously seen...

    I didn't discover it as I am using CLASSIC SHELL as a replacement for the Windows 10 START MENU...

    Well I happened to exit the CLASSIC SHELL and immediately saw that the Windows 10 Start Menu does not function correctly using the Vista 32 bit driver...As soon as you try to scroll the icons disappear and the menu will not scroll correctly...I uninstalled the Vista driver by rolling back to the Microsoft Generic driver and the Menu function returned to normal...Oh well...This will be a stopper for most...For me I'm going to reinstall the Vista driver and use Classic Shell and if for some reason I need to use the Windows 10 start menu I can always rollback the Video driver again...

    Windows 10 is an exercise in stupidity...Nobody wants to use the touch but they refuse to get rid of it completely and have a simple thing like a menu doing crazy stuff like an APP...

  • Thanks for your detailed discussion. 

    I have been running Win10 Enterprise on all of our workstations and they are working fine. We are all either running 8 or 16gb, so we have been with 64bit for a while.. We are still playing around with some group policy settings that didn't carry over, but for the most part, we are good. 

    I downloaded Win10 -32bit. I agreed with you and thought that would work. Unfortunately it appears that if you are on 64bit like my D620 currently is, then it will not let me upgrade to 32bit. It asks for the 64bit media. Weird that I couldn't get 64 to run on my laptop if the network card and wifi were the only issues. It makes me think to try it again thinking they might have updated the drivers since day 1. But as of now, if i can't get 64 to work, then i'm stuck at 8.1. Which is somewhat ok, we are replacing them with Surface Pro 4s whenever they are available. 

  • If you had Windows 7 32bit on it (if you had a license for it somewhere...You should be able to do it that way)...Yeah MS does NOT enable you to change versions for free...In order to change a version requires a clean installation which MS charges money for...It only allows upgrades to the same product...All my Windows 7 32-bit Pro versions upgraded to 32-bit Pro Windows 10 and my Windows 7 Home versions upgraded to Windows 10 32-bit Home...My one little Winbook TW-801 (Tablet I use in a keyboard folio) was running Windows 8.1 32-bit and it upgraded to Windows 10 Home 32-bit...

    The only one of the upgraded computers that had a video issue was the D620.

    If you are able to install Windows 7 32-bit someway on that Dell D620 then you should be able to install the corresponding version Home or Pro of Windows 10 32-bit on the D620 BUT I'm not sure about Enterprise versions...

  • I'm a enterprise/volume licensing customer, so I can get any edition I want. It's not a question about which version MS does not upgrade for free, I was just saying, you can't upgrade from a 64bit to a 32. If I do install Win 10 Ent 32-bit, it will have to be from clean install. 

    thanks again for the help. 


  • Jason,

    No problem...I understand (I'm a retired IT Manager)..
    Just thought I'd mention that if you had a Windows 7 32bit copy lying around somewhere that
    could install on the D620 that would be an option...Then you could update to Win10 32bit on the D620...
    BTW if you are able to find one and do that then the version of Classic Shell you want to use is
    which is a Beta...That will fix the menu issue...The current version of Classic Shell is not Windows 10 compatible but the Beta works fine.

    All the best...daveI.

  • you can not upgrade from 32 to 64 without buying a new key

  • Correct....Although as far 64 bit being considered an "upgrade" is debatable...Switching to 64 bit often means you abandon applications which may be important but will no longer function correctly under 64 bit Windows as well as hardware that will no longer function correctly under 64 bit...Really there's little reason for most to go to 64 bit other than gamers who need video cards with lots of memory and for certain people who use programs like video or photo editing which requires a lot of memory to function quickly. For most people though these are not required and moving to 64 bit really serves no good purpose....But  the industry tells them they need to move to 64 bit to be "modern"...Really what they want is for them to abandon all their old hardware and software so they can sell them all new stuff...I remember when 64bit Windows NT first came out and there were so many of the young people saying everyone should go to 64bit Windows...Well here we are 15 or more years later and 64bit still doesn't really allow people to do much of anything differently than 32bit systems other than to have large amounts of memory or large amounts of contiguous disk space which again for most really isn't required.

    Not an argument against 64 bit and if you need it for some reason you should of course go 64bit but for me...Being able to continue to use old applications that I am fond of using (My finance program is about 18 years old...I have a weather application that is almost 20 years old...And I have them running just fine on Windows 10 32 bit...I hear people (and companies) say oh that program won't run on Windows 8 or WIndows 10...But what really is the truth is that it won't run on the 64bit version of those...Most older 16 and 32 bit programs will run just fine on the 32 bit versions of WIndows. But of course the average user doesn't know that and they just listen to their teenager who of course is their household "expert" and they advise that 64 bit is the only alternative. My career in the IT field (I'm retired now) we dealt entirely with 32bit Windows only...64 bit served no purpose for us and would have caused nothing but problems with  mission critical software. I am glad Microsoft did not abandon 32 bit Windows realizing that many large enterprises would never upgrade to the latest Windows version if it was only 64 bit as their operations would come to a dead stop if their specific critical applications would no longer work (on 64 bit)...

  • is windows 10 is support for dell latitude D620 has ever support on it  i want to download windows 10 in my laptop which is latitude D620 please help me  i want to download windows 10 in my laptop

  • Dell does not support Windows 10 on the D620. However you are free to download the installation file and run it. I have been running Windows 10 on my Dell D620 for almost 4 weeks now...

    Search on Windows 10 install file and download the 32bit or 64bit install file (Whichever version 32 or 64 you have installed now)...

    I would backup your system first just in case the Windows 10 installation does not work and the rollback does not work...

  • It works fine just make sure you get the 32 bit not the 64 bit! I also was able to find the Nvidia driver for the graphics card works beautifully

  • 64 bit will not work with the processor on the D620 32 bit runs great I have that with 4 gb of memory  and 360gb hard drive it's like it's been reborn.  You can find the driver for the Nvidia graphics card at the website. I'll try to post the link