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Problem with external monitor using the HDMI port on Insprion 15R N5010

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Tried to connect a Samsung SyncMaster 2494 monitor to my Insprion N5010 (windows 7) via the HDMI port, but the image quality is terrible and desk top image is clipped all the way around as if the monitor is less than the 1920x1080 resolution.

Some investigation in this forum seems to indicate I should update the video drivers (even though I thought I have kept it updated via the windows update).  After downloading the latest driver from Dell Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD, v., A02, and trying to install, I got a message saying my computer has a newer version.  It lists my versions as: HG graphics (, Display audio (, Trubo boost ( 

I wonder what versions of the three drivers are contained in the Dell Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD, v., A02, update?

My real problem of course is still to get my external monitor working on the HDMI port (so I can run two external monitors, one on the HDMI, another on the VGA).  Would most appreciate any enlightment.


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  • To additional information, when I use the HDMI port, my monitor shows up in the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel as "HDMI TV" where as when using the VGA port, it shows up as "Monitor".  I guess if I can make it shows up as "HDMI Monitor" then all would be good, except I can't see any way of doing that.

  • Would really appreciate a hint from anyone successfully used the HDMI port to run an external monitor...