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Inspiron n4010 sceen problems


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Inspiron n4010 sceen problems

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The screen on my Inspiron n4010 in no longer working.  The screen is white with vertical lines.  I can link to an external monitor and have no problem seeing the screen on the external monitor.  Does this mean that my video card is good?  If the video card I good can I simply replace the LCD screen?  Can I replace the screen alone or do I need to replace the inverter?   My laptop is no longer under warranty.  I would like to repair this as economically as possible.  I have had it for a little over a year.  During this time and while still under warranty, it was will Dell for repairs.  Part of the problem then was the sound.  So far I have not been impressed with my Dell.

Thanks so much for your help.

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  • Hi

    I would recommend you to check the screen in BIOS. Turn on the system; Press <F2> at the initial Dell logo screen to enter System Setup. In case you see vertical lines in BIOS then there is a problem with the LCD screen.

    After that I would also suggest you to run Dell diagnostics as well. Turn on the system, press <F12> at the initial Dell logo screen, and select Diagnostics from the boot menu.

    During the Pre-Boot System Assessment, the Video Test will present you a screen with colors bars and you will get a message, “Were Color Bars Displayed (Y/N)" press the <N> key to perform the LCD Built in Self-Test (BIST)

    In case above test fails LCD screen has to be replaced.

    Thanks & Regards
    Prateek K