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Video Card Driver Needed for Minecraft


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Video Card Driver Needed for Minecraft

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Hello Dell Forum,

We just picked up a Dell Inspiron Mini (1010).  It's running Windows XP.  I spent several hours updating all the necessary downloads and Windows recommended upgrades and still have had no luck getting Minecraft to work.  The error I receive is: Bad Video Card / Please upgrade your Video Card Driver.  I then proceeded to update the Video Card Driver on the Dell web site (updated and reloaded).  Still no luck... Does anyone know (or have experienced similar issues) how to fix this?  Have I hit a ceiling with this computer on doing this type of graphics?  Hints, help or ideas much appreciated... Thank you!

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  • There is no way you're going to be playing that game on a netbook - the requirements are far beyond the system you have.

  • I got my child's Compaq Presario to run Minecraft, but it's sort of brittle.

    First, I think you should be looking for the Intel GMA 3150 graphics driver. Not sure if It will be on the Dell site.

    Other things you could try:

         Go into System, and for paging file, explicitly allocated virtual memory about 2x the amount of physical memory in the machine.

         If there is a driver control panel for the GMA 3150, try adjusting the rendering for OpenGL and other 3D options.

         When the game loads (if the game loads) go into Options, and set your rendering distance at Near or Tiny.