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f1 split screen key / function

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Quick question regarding the f1 Key... it seems to work fine with the function key pressed as F1 should but I can no longer use it to perform the split screen task between my laptop and my T.V. 

Is there anything I could do to fix the problem?

or another way to get the laptop into split screen mode without using the F1 key?

it is a Studio 1558 laptop 

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  • Hi w3st26,

    Welcome to the Community.

     To configure the Function key behavior,you may go to Windows Mobility Center and choose between Multimedia Key First or Function Key First. Whatever you choose as the first priority,will be responded directly by pressing the Function keys on the top row.

    For the other behavior,you will have to use the same in combination with the Fn Key.(Left Bottom).

    In case this doesn’t work or if the options are greyed out in the Windows Mobility Center,you’ll have to reinstall the Quickset software for the system. You can use the link below:

    Please reply for any further assistance.

    Thank you

    Dwij Paul

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  • That is great...

    It's not quite what I was after though. The actual function of the key has stopped working... as in when I press it, I don't get the options to split the screen or use it as a projector etc when my HDMI cable is plugged in.

    All of the other F keys and functions work fine...

    Thanks again,


  • Hi w3st26,

    The screen toggle function will act directly switching the display between external monitor and inbuilt LCD  without showing the display options to choose from.

    The options to decide between Projector only/System display/Extended mode/Duplicate mode will come up using the Keyboard shortcut :- Windows Key along with <P> key if you are using Windows 7 on the system.

    Please try and let me know if it works for you.


    Thank you.

    Sumeet Verma

    Social Outreach Professional

  • Hi again,

    Sorry for the late reply...

    Still no luck with that method... it was working fine and the cable works with my xbox. I press the f1 key like I used to which enables the option to split the screens or set as a projector etc but the options no longer come up on screen, I've also had a problem with the laptop not accepting the battery. It's been dropped a few times so I presume it is down to loose connections. going to look into renewing my warranty if possible and sending it in to be looked at.

    Thanks for you help,


  • Hi w3st26,

    If you have already tried updating the Quickset software from the link mentioned in above posts and it is still not giving those options, then the next step will be to update the Video drivers for the system as multiple display option is not supported by windows native drivers and requires the exact updated driver from the graphics card manufacturer.

    Depending upon the configuration of your system you can try updating the drivers from the links below:

    For ATI discrete Graphics card:

    For Intel Integrated Graphics card:

    The other way to get to the video card utility is going to display properties under control panel where you can choose to opt for multiple displays to work in Extended or Duplicate mode.

    Please try and let me know if it works for you.


    Thank you.

    Sumeet Verma

    Social Outreach Professional