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Display driver failing and recovering - sometimes...sometimes it doesn't


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Display driver failing and recovering - sometimes...sometimes it doesn't

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I'm running Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 6400 (ancient, I know). I just started getting a black screen then the message that the display driver had failed and recovered. Its doing it every few minutes if I try to play a game (primarily FB games) but its not always recovering. Occasionally but without a discernible pattern, I get the dreaded black screen and your system failed and do you want to reboot in safe mode. I am running the originally installed ATI Radeon display driver and it is updated to A8.561.0.0.  Does this mean my video card is failing? I need to keep this bad boy running as long as I can. Thanks for the help!

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  • Hi ll564

    Welcome to the Community,

    You need to get rid of the old drivers for the computer and get updated with the new graphic card drivers.

    But there is a certain procedure for this,

    1)Boot into safe mode with networking by tapping on f8 on Dell logo and type device manager in the start search. Open Device manager and now right-click >uninstall the graphic card drivers here and now click on acion on the top of the dialog box and click scan for hardware changes. This will load the drivers back due to the windows feature but  Keep on uninstalling this unless you have the standard graphic adapter shown under the display adapters.

    2)Now reboot back in normal mode, Download the Revo uninstaller and remove all the registry traces of the graphic card drivers using the software (you can Google the Revo Uninstaller Pro free trial software).

    3)Uninstall the drives if any left out from the control panel for ATI.

    4)Restart the computer.

    5)Install the drivers from the Dell website and not the ATI website.

    6)Restart the computer.

    This wil fix this problem, if the problem still persists then its the graphic card failure.

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