Dell XPS 17 702X screen flicker


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Dell XPS 17 702X screen flicker

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I've read all I could on varrious formums and installed as many drivers as I could fine, Nvida old and new, dell old and new, intel video old and new.  Nothing stops the screen from flickering on battery power.

I had the computer screen replaced by a dell tech, still flickers.  Had the entire computer replaced and it still flickers!

Anyone have suggestions?  Seems that drivers have no effect.  Only thing that works is plugging in the AC adapter.  On battery, it flickers.  I've also have the Nvidia set to be on all the time as well as the intel integrated video card with no change. The dell techs always change the power setting.  They seem fixated with setting the screen to max performance on the intel integrated and the nvidea  with no effect. 

Dell wants to send out a new mobo and screen.  I'm getting sick of this.  The screen cannot be bad since it works on AC power!  When do you demand a refund?

I'd like to keep it if it gets fixed as I like it.

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  • I had the same flickering problem on Battery with my Dell XPS 702X. After I installed a new copy of Windows 7 on a new SDD disk with the Full-HD 1080p AG screen,  I updated all my drivers and am using the A06 bios.  This is when I saw the same problem you are having.  Since I did not see it on the old version, I looked for the difference. My solution was to right click on the desktop and go to Graphic Properties and select the Advanced Mode. Click on the tab Power and select Maximum Performance for both Plugged in and Battery.     Since you tried this and it did not fix the problem, you may have a bad screen.

  • Thank you! I, also, had the same problem with a flickering screen on battery power that only started *after* my LCD screen was replaced because of an unrelated defect. Your solution fixed this persistent problem and I have experienced no further recurrence of this issue.