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Dell XPS M1330 Weird Black Screen While Playing Game


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Dell XPS M1330 Weird Black Screen While Playing Game

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This problem has been happening for a month or two now but now it's out of control. Whenever I start playing a game within the first 10 minutes my screen will just go completely black. The Wi-Fi light stays on and everything and I can hear the fans but no audio. The light that shows that the computer is on is still lit up also. It only happens when playing games, not when watching videos. It isn't overheating problems because it happens as soon as i start up my laptop. I check the temperatures and my gpu was at about 60 degrees (Celsius) and my CPU at about 30-45 degrees (Celsius). I've tried a ton of stuff but still no solution.  Anybody?

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  • Is there an image on an external monitor when the internal one goes black?  If there is, you've a display panel problem.  If there isn't, the likelihood is that the video chip is dying.

  • Can you reword that a little bit? Sorry.

  • ejn63 is suggesting that you hook up an external monitor when the screen goes black to help diagnose the issue.

    When the screen goes black, hook up an external monitor and switch the output to external monitor (Fn + F8).

    If you get an image on the external monitor, you have an issue with the screen on your notebook.

    If you do not get an image, the video chip may be going.

  • Okay, so I hooked my laptop up to my TV and when my laptop screen went blank so did the TV. After it turned blank it was saying there was no connection/signal so I'm not sure.

  • That would indicate the video chip is going bad - meaning you'd need a new mainboard to solve the problem.  ON a system of this age, that makes little sense - you're better off with a new system.

  • Thanks for the info. How much would a new mainboard cost?

  • has some for sale.


    Brand new

  • Dang, is there any way to fix it on your own?

  • Likely not - and if you do decide to buy a board, get the Intel version.  Another nVidia board will simply fail again.