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Inspiron goes to sleep mode & fails to recover.


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Inspiron goes to sleep mode & fails to recover.

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Dear Team, I own a DELL Inspiron 1564 laptop. For the past few days I face the below listed 2 problems with my laptop: 1. My laptop goes to sleep / hibernate mode when the lid is closed and it is not responding to any keys. I need to long press power button so that the system shuts down. When the system is started again, it says there was an improper shutdown and throws on options for me to choose to reboot normally or under safe mode. 2. I am unable to connect it to the projector. Friends said I don’t have a graphics card. Even after downloading one from the dell website the problem persists.
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  • Hi Karunbhaskar,

    Welcome to the Community. I suggest you update your Bios and your Video Drivers. Below are the links to the drivers for your system.



    So it looks like you have a integrated video card, so the projector should work, have you tried using the hot keys, FN + F8 to switch to the projector.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • You should mention your OS. If you have windows 7, you must use a brief press of the power button to resume from Hybrid Sleep or Hibernation. Check your Power Settings, Advanced Options.