I purchased my XPS L701X (Windows 7 Pro x64, i7 Q840@1.87GHz 12GB ram, Nvidia Geforce gt 445m) in January and since about March I've had this persistent problem of my monitor screen shutting off. I've been on the phone with various Dell technicians and no one has been able to help solve this issue. Every time I've been told to run the start-up systems diagnostic and have been told that this is not a hardware problem. I'm tired of reinstalling my various software programs and clean-installing windows to no avail. I've done so at least 4 times and yet the problem still persists.

My problem: I updated to Firefox 4 and noticed that when using the browser, my monitor screen would go black (like it was off) while the computer still remained on. I would have to force shutdown by pressing the power button. I was able to solve this issue by reverting to Firefox 3.6. I thought this was the end of the problem but it still continues.

The monitor screen continues to go black when I do the following:

  • Attempt to install Nvidia driver,A04. I'm able to download it from the Dell drivers site, but when I attempt to run the install, it will begin and at various parts of the installation (even once at the end when it was just finishing) the monitor screen will black out.
  • Attempt to rate my computer (attaining the Windows Experience Index via Performance and Information Tools). The monitor will consistently shut down as it goes through the rating scans.
  • Attempt to play The Sims 3. (This is the only computer game I own, so I'm unable to test any others. The monitor actually goes black in the game launcher when I attempt to install custom content. I haven't tried to actually run the game yet).
  • Attempt to work on models in 3DSMax. (Unlike the three issues above, the monitor does not consistently shut down when I work in 3dsmax. Only occasionally. It seems to depend on the size and detail of the file I'm working on.)

What I've done:

  • Completely reinstalled Windows 7 and all of my programs (4 different times). RESULTS: no change. monitor screen continues to black out.
  • Hooked my laptop up to an external monitor via HDMI. RESULTS: the external monitor screen goes black with the laptop screen.

Last night when my monitor blacked out, I left the computer on rather than forcing shut down. I was curious as to whether it would go into sleep mode and I could get it to turn back on the same way I would normally pull my computer out of sleep. However, instead, the computer remained on and running until it ran out of battery.

If anyone can offer any solutions on how to address this issue, I would really appreciate it.