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XPS 15 l502x freezes during gameplay


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XPS 15 l502x freezes during gameplay

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Hi, ive been having this problem for a while now and it is very annoying. During gameplay my computer freezes, sometimes I can ctrl-alt-del and end the game but sometimes the computer goes completely unresponsive and i have to hold down the power button. At first i thought it might just be a problem with call of duty black ops but it has happened in some other games now too, even old games like warcraft 3. What is wrong with my laptop? Is it just drivers or is there actually something wrong with my laptop? Has anyone else had this problem?


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  • even battlefield 3 was running in a awesome fps in higher settings

    no overclocks

    no extra hardware

    just update your bios , graphics driver,etc

    to the new updates

  • i dont have any problem even while playing when my charger is connected to main

  • @mTny

    Yes it was fixed for a while for only some games i can run warband and RO 2 fine but games like mafia 2 and dead island freeze frequently. Ive had the sound bug since i bought this laptop it never really been fixed. This started just a week ago and its getting worse i've tried everything.


    You have an gt 525m we have the gt 540m i dont know if that changes annything.

    This give me the question: does every1 that has these freezes have the gt 540m?

  • I've got a gt 540m and its failing...

    everything is updated and so on.

    there's something i noticed recently, it's that my power supply (the brick) is making weird noises from time to time...

  • I have the 540m too and got an issues with games like cod black ops and dead island but now after they replaced my motherboard everything run fine now. i hope this issue will not come back to life anymore.

    This is my final NVIDIA laptop that i'll ever buy, my next laptop will be with ATI card.

    @pizwee - your power supply making noises? it's weird...

    maybe the main problem is the power supply that make some over voltage that burn our nvidia card?

  • Yeah some kind of cracking sounds, not very loud. but i've never heard anything similar coming from a power supply before....

  • Yes I am experiencing the freezes with the 540m, I think we might be narrowing down the problem :)  Has anyone had their video card replaced?  From what I understand and I might be wrong the GPU is on the motherboard but the video card is a separate piece next to the wifi/bluetooth card.  I thought it was obvious that I have updated every driver possible, including manually updating direct X.

  • The GPU is built-in the motherboard.

  • My power supply makes the EXACT same crackling noise.  It will also sometimes pop up the message on the laptop saying that it's not a DELL power supply and only to use DELL parts, even though it's the DELL power supply that came with the laptop.

  • From my experience with getting that message is that the plug of where the power cord goes into the computer is not in all the way.  My socket where it plugs in was loose for a long time and I also had them replace the internal plug, and it seems to stay in a lot better now.

  • I have done some more testing, and it seems that there was an update in a driver that might of helped.  Before I got a new video card that wanted me to update drivers yet again.  I have now updated Nvidia driver and Intel driver along with sound driver.  I did not check versions before I did it, but I have not had any problems in about 3-4 hours total play time in SC 2.  I think they might of actually fixed the game issue now.  Will let yall know more when I have more time to play and test.

  • Yeah, went back to a previous restore point about a month ago before this started, and noticed it showed me that an Nvidia driver would be rolled back.  After doing that, it's been stable.  I did some FIrelands in WoW and it still hasn't crashed after 4-1/2 hours.  I'm thinking it has something to do with the video drivers.

  • Im running version 280.26

  • Yes i can now confirm for sure that REPLACING THE MOTHERBOARD DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!!.....again within a month of replacing the motherboard  games again started freezing and crashing :-(

  • @TanveerSk - Bad news.

    So why everything was fine for a month and now it's happend again? maybe it's a hardware issue that placed in the motherboard?