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Inspiron N4010 blank screen, won't start up


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Inspiron N4010 blank screen, won't start up

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Recently, my inspiron N4010's screen has been randomly turning white. It used to be that when i moved the screen back and forth, the white would go away, and i would be able to continue with normal screen. This morning it stopped starting up and immediately went to a blank screen. Anyone know what the problem is an/or what to do?

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  • If under warranty, contact Dell.



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  • I'm having the similar problem. I notice it turn black when it almost overheated.

    This might due to the program you use consume alot of memory.

    But just why this expensive laptop cannot access large memory program, headache of it.


    You should buy a fan cooler it will solve.

  • Hi Julia,

    Welcome to the Community. Reseat the Display cable by following the link below. If that does not fix it, please call Dell tech support in your region. I suspect the LCD has to be replaced.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


    Thank you


  • I'm having the same issue. When I open the laptop nothing displays but white and a few colored lines. If I wiggle the display it starts working, but occasionally goes blank again until I wiggle it once more. I've got 60 days left on my service contract. Who should I contact about having this fixed.

  • I have the same model laptop and is having the same problem. Did you get a response to this question and did it fix your problem, thanks

  • I can connect to another monitor and the laptop works fine but the laptop display remains blank

  • I didn't get any responses to my post. I still had a month left on my warranty, so I contacted Dell and they had a tech come out and replace the display. It's been working fine ever since.

  • TMagney
    I didn't get any responses to my post.

    Note to anyone who sees this thread in the future: you would have a better chance of getting help by posting on the Laptop Video discussion board. This is the Laptop Audio discussion board and I for one don't know the answer to video problems except the answers that were given earlier in this thread -- to contact Dell.

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  • I do have the same prob .if u found any solution pls reply me back.


  • All - replacing the screen worked for me as well. There are great videos on YouTube about how to do it yourself also. One more note - even after replacement, the screen flickered a little when opening the laptop lid. I pressed in on both sides of the hinges and the screen works great now.

  • Same problem here. If I shake it, the screen will come back. Any ideas? Thank you