Studio 1745 - Webcam Central tells me to "close other video streaming application". But there's nothing running!!


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Studio 1745 - Webcam Central tells me to "close other video streaming application". But there's nothing running!!

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I have a Dell Studio 1745, 64-bit. I purchased it with Windows XP, but have upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate.

My webcam works fine - with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, and Yawcam. I have facial recognition software for login that works fine.

BUT Dell Webcam Central keeps telling me to Cancel the other video streaming application in order for it to run, for video or capture a picture. Webcam central disables the facial recognition software, and there's nothing else running.

Yes, I have downloaded and installed the latest version of the software. Yes I have upgraded the drivers for Windows 7 for my computer. Yes I have rebooted.

When I restart my computer, all I do is open DWC. I don't open ANYTHING else. Nothing else starts automatically. I go to my Task Manager, and no other video program is running. Yet it says, over and over again, Close other video streaming app.

I intentionally disable the facial recognition software. Still get the message.

What is going on? Why does my webcam work fine with these other programs, and not DWC? With No other programs running, why does it think that something else is using my webcam?

The only thing I can think of is that in these other programs, I can select from 2 webcam options; Integrated Webcam, and FA Virtual cam. The other programs seem to work fine with the FA Virtual Cam but the Integrated Webcam gives me a black screen, just like DWC. I have no option to pick the FA Virtual Cam from DWC.

Any advice is appreciated.



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  • FA Virtual Cam (called FaCap) is a virtual camera, or a "fake" camera interface, that FastAccess facial recognition creates so that other video programs can continue to use video normally while FastAccess is operating in a mode where it is attaching to the "real" camera full-time. From your description, I do not believe that either FastAccess or the FastAccess virtual camera are related to the issue that you're experiencing, but thought that I could at least provide this additional bit of background information.