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Inspiron Duo and Sim card

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Hello everyone,

I have the inspiron duo and says she has an entrance to sim card, but when I  try to introduce 
something stop me.
its have a rubber that will not let me, I need help with this
Best regards
Kenneth Martinez

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  • DELL information is misleading !

    They say that Inspiron duo has a SIM slot:

    Ports, Slots & Chassis

    • USB 2.0 (2) 
      Jack audio (1 uscita linea, 1 ingresso microfono) 
      Connettore per alimentatore CA

      Accessibili dall'esterno
      (1) microfono
      (2) cuffie
      (1) slot per scheda SIM 
    and in NOT TRUE !!
  • You are right about this. They are misleading and will deny this and will tell you that YOU did not order the sim option and need to replace the motherboard that costs about $160. They will tell you that you had 21 days to figure that out and return the laptop. They will transfer you from one dept to the other and NONE of them will take the time to get some background on your case before calling you SO you have to repeat your story all over every time. I even dealt with a customer service supervisor from India who would not even pay attention to what I was saying and when I asked to be transferred to his supervisor...he hung up on me. My laptop has been in the depot for the last 15+ days. My advise is to keep fighting for what you were to receive issue is yet to be resolved.

  • Read my post below and I also suggest you take screen shots of the posted tech specs and also let them know that you are never given the option to 'add' the sim card option when ordering. This will make them admit their mistake and give you a free replacement......they HAVE to.

  • Totally agree, if someone went out and brought this machine, as someone on the forum has already indicated, for the soul purpose of slotting their SIM card neatly into the machine because they were told by Dell that they could, only to find that it cannot... physically (no reader/ hardware), then this person has been mis-sold the product and a full refund should be given regardless of the time expired. Don't waste your time/ money on the calls via India (appreciate the frustration) write to them officially with the info they NEED to hear, stick to the facts. Guidelines and assistance on how and what to say can be found at                   apologies to the rest of the World but the link is UK based, your own countries might have a
    similar watchdog that protects consumers. I'm really interested in the comment made by someone that said they had inserted the card but it wasn't recognised...... was this done please? Because the slot is completely restricted on my machine. Either Dell need to provide a FREE upgrade (hardware installation) or give a FULL REFUND to those unhappy with what they were sold, which is open to abuse (through their own fault), as people that discovered that they didn't like the machine over a period of time could jump on the NO SIM SLOT band wagon, or Dell need to instigate a product recall. A company this size should know better, fobbing you off isn't an option, know your rights and read this article

    Good Luck....... we all have a common problem and are obviously here for a reason, so lets help each other out... not put each other down, there's so much more going on in the World to worry about, think of people like Conrad Murray and Smokin Joe Frazier..... it's not been a good week for men that deliver a killer jab! :)



  • Ummmm, I contacted Dell after having a problem with overheating that warped one of the plastic tabs that holds the cover on the bottom. I inquired about the WWAN modem as an addon and the woman I spoke with told me there were two types that were available. So, what part of 'you don't know what the hell you are talking about' would you like me to emphasize.

  • (mind you, she also did at least partly confirm that there may be more than one motherboard/model that has been sold. I verified later that mine does in fact have the required slot for the WWAN card later, so I may be picking one up in the near future)

  • How's about this part - Dell does in fact sell the part, they just don't let most of their low level techs aware that they can. I went through that whole run-around with the folks at their support number a while back and refused to believe that you couldn't get replacement parts if you had one of these systems where the item went bad. Sure, they prefer to get you to send the item in to their service department. The innards of this particular PC are not for the feint of heart. (nor would I recommend going inside of one unless you don't mind screwing it up permanently or are very patient and good with DiY projects. I almost permantly damaged mine on at least 4 separate occasions when I had to replace the bottom due to a melted tab on the battery door. Mine was even under warranty, but was near the end of it and after I already sent it in twice and it returned unfixed both times, I finally told them to just send me the damn part and I would do it myself!)

    But if you contact their support and twist enough arms, you can order the mini-PCI cards. There are apparently a couple of different types:

    Dell™ Wireless 5620
    Dell™ Wireless 5540 HSPA

     But here's the stinger. The latter two do not appear to come with a sim slot in the versions I've seen for sale online. The thing you see in the bottom of the unit is just the opening that allows you to slide the sim card into the sim interface. I'm still trying to figure out what/where/how the sim slot goes into place on units that come with the wwan option as I'm rather certain as a result of my conversation with the run-of-the-mill Dell techs that they will not know. But if you know the part numbers and are persistent enough, Dell does offer at least those items for sale. How you get an actual sim card reader into it is something I have not as yet determined.