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INSPIRON 1318 Screen/Backlight Issues


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INSPIRON 1318 Screen/Backlight Issues

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Hi there  I wonder if anyone can help....


 My dell INSPIRON 1318  has got backlight issues. For a few weeks it only worked with an external Monitor, then I decided to try fix it so I bought a new Screen Inverter, this did nothing, the screen was still faint though. I then decided to flash the BIOS to a newer version to see if that was the problem - once I flashed it the screen worked AS LONG AS AN EXTERNAL MONITOR WAS ALSO CONNECTED and it mirrored it. If I then unplugged the monitor from the VGA port my laptops screen would lose its backlight. This is a really weird thing to do and I haven't seen any other examples of this happening. Now when I first boot the laptop (and the external monitor isn't connected) the BIOS screen can be seen with full backlight for a few seconds (around 5) or if I bring the computer out of hibernation i can see my screen fully again for around 5 seconds.  Does this mean that the backlight is faulty or its the graphics card/motherboard that could be not working fully? 

It would be nice to hear a few opinions before I start buying screens/motherboards or  a new laptop! 


thanks very much,



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  • I have the same problem. Any luck on a solution?

  • i have the same problem too. the lcd actually works but my backlight flickers out. i hibernate and turn it back on and it would work again, well, that lasted a few days anyways. it just got progressively worse. 

    heres something simple to try. the next time it does it, shine a light at the screen to verify its a bad backlight or lcd cutting out. if the screen is on but the light is off, hold the blue fn(function) button and the down arrow to adjust your brightness to full dim. now turn your laptop off/hibernate and turn it back on. once its on and if youre lucky and the backlight trick worked, go up 1 brightness level at a time untill it cuts out, before you hibernate go back only 1 level and then restart and see how long it lasts...because this is NOT a permanent solution. 

    after i dimmed my brightness, my screen works at the lowest 2 or 3 levels and its lasted a few weeks now but now 3 is starting to cut out too. its getting on my nerves enough that its time to order parts. 

    im currently shopping for a light (shouldnt be too expensive considering the lcd panel from dell is only about 150) if any are interested ill post my findings when i get the part in and installed. 


    im going to try this backlight. let you know how it works.

  • Hello!  How did it go with the replacement of the lamp?  does it work?

    it's a very strange and annoying problem............

  • I had the same problem. Your solution worked here.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Hi, I have exactly the same problem with my INSPIRON 1318, expected to be the inversor, but I see in your post it did not work with it.

    Can you tell me if you got any solution please? I'm desperate Crying

  • Hi,

    I was in a remote town with no resources but an extra computer monitor so i plugged it in the VGA port and used it for another 3 months.

    Did not order any parts to fix the inverter because I figured the effort and money i will spend doing that would not worth my time.
    I bought a new computer and used the 1318 for my TV when i got home.

    Good Luck!