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XPS L501X - how to make programs using the nvidia geforce instead of the intel hd graphics


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XPS L501X - how to make programs using the nvidia geforce instead of the intel hd graphics

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first sorry for my bad english, i'm german..


i got the XPS L501X since about 2 month and everything works fine but.. yesterday i recognized that there are two graphic cards inside the notebook - a 'intel hd graphics' and a 'nvidia geforce GT 420m'. the nvidia is much better. so i opened the nvidia-settings and changed the 'preferred graphic card' from automatically to the nvidia card. after that i played the game 'crysis' to see if there is any change and WOOOM it runs much more faster! so in the automatic settings my notebook is using the intel-card for playing a game like crysis. don't ask me why..

so it seems that the problem has been solved, BUT... in other games like pro evolution soccer 2011 or fallout 3 there is a 'setting'-program in which you have to set up for example the graphic-preferences of the game. and the problem is that in this setting-program it is not possible to work with the nvidia-card. that means in PES he only allows me to set up the settings für the intel-card, which means low quality. in fallout 3 it is only possible to chose the intel-card, he doesn't even show me that there exists a nvidia-card. and if i try to start the game it crashes because the intel-card is to weak.

so what can i do?? is it possible to deactivate the intel-card? i found nothing in the bios...


thanks for your help!

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  • Hi Snuggles0815,

    I'm fortunate enough to have the same machine, and have spent some time familiarising myself with this system.

    My understanding is that you can't simply "deactivate" the intel card, because when you're using the Nvidia GPU, the laptop is still using components of the Intel GPU in order to function, and if you deactivated it, you would be looking at a blank screen.

    There is however, a simple way to select your choice of GPU (Nvidia or Intel).

    If you browse on your PC to the folder where any game is installed, and identify the .exe file used to run the game (or, find the game in your start menu, right click on the game title, and take a note of the path specified as "Target") and then browse and locate this .exe, you can right click on this .exe and select which GPU to use to run the game, or, better still, choose to set the default GPU, which will add an entry into the list from within the Nvidia menu.  That way, the game will always be run with whichever GPU you choose.

    I would imagine thet Crysis would certainly be on the list, and the other two not, probably because the games were released after the list was compiled.  Anyway, you can now add them to your list.

    Good luck, and congratulations on the purchase of your excellent machine !