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Dell Inspiron 1545 dark or dim screen / no backlight - yes that again!


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Dell Inspiron 1545 dark or dim screen / no backlight - yes that again!

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Hi guys,  i've been looking around at several forums, not just this one to see if there is a solution for the dim / dark screen issue which seems to plague dell inspiron 1545, 1537, etc.  I have seen people change motherboards and say it's fixed, and some simply refit the video cable to fix, but i now have 3 of these on my workbench and all have the same problem.  i have fitted new cables, new inverters, even a supposedly working motherboard to no avail.  I even borrowed a working 1545 laptop and tried the cable, screen and inverter from a broken one just to isolate the problem and they didn't work on it.  The real pain is that the original working components didn't work now either.  Crying  Now i've got 2 customers machines and a friends machine all with dim screens. 

Anybody got any  real answers to this issue, are there any Dell engineers out there that must have faced this issue?  Need a definate solution before i throw more money at the problem.




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  • I found this picture on the Web some time ago.It was taken by a guy "alarmrepairman"

    I took a screenshot that time so no link is included....

    Littlefuse¦0451003.MRL¦Fuse,Quick Blow,SMD,3A,¦Farnell United Kingdom

    I would not recommend you to bridge the fuse as shown in the picture.The fuse is very tiny and needs at least basic soldering skills.

    Inspiron 1545

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  • You are a life saver!! Thank you very much.

  • tommy, thank you so much  I am a technician and felt lost in the water when I had to troubleshoot this problem my husband took some welding classes and he is very good with this type of work I have asked him to solder the fuse together and viola it works!! Thank you so much again, and I hope this helps many others in this community of techinicians. Good luck!


    The screen went black after water was spilled on keyboard. I took it apart and dried it out , best I could. Still stayed black. I hooked the desktop monitor and cable into lap top and it works. Do you think it could be the fuse ???


  • I had to replace an Inspiron 1545 screen twice last year for someone, after being dropped on two separate occasions, both working fine afterwards. Last month, they said it wouldn’t boot up, instead showing just a grey blank screen. I checked by shining a light on it but no display was visible and connecting an external monitor showed the desktop was there quite clearly.

    I re-fitted the old broken screens that previously had parts of the desktop visible, but this time, both displayed the same blank greyness behind the distortion. Replacing the inverter made no difference and I was hesitant to buy yet a third screen as it didn’t show any signs of corruption or lines across it.

    This was a CCFL type screen with a 30-pin cable and the lcd end of it looked fine. It hadn’t been unplugged from the motherboard before, as the other screens had worked ok, but under a strong illuminated magnifying glass, I could make out pin 7 looked slightly blackened. The motherboard connector was also burned out on 7, with slight melting of the plastic spacers on either side, which must have prevented full contact. (see pic )

    At this point, I’m thinking new motherboard, as it would be too difficult to clean out the tiny contacts, but thought I’d give it a try. I took the thinnest piece of wire I could find and with the aid of an old camera lens reversed on top of the magnifying glass, (I kid you not..!) I could just about get a clear view of it. It was a very delicate operation scraping, cleaning & re-aligning the contacts but eventually, I felt happy enough to give it a try. Unbelievably, it worked and the screen sprung back into life!

    I read reports that screen damage can draw extra current, and blow a tiny F1 fuse (identified by a letter ‘P’ located near the lcd motherboard connector) but that was intact, so presumably caused an arc on the contacts instead. There must have been just enough surface contact left to allow the first couple of screens to work, but over time, subsequent knocks & bumps, or even temperature increase could have eventually broke the connection.

    (NB: Please remember to remove the battery and AC adapter before starting and only plug the adapter back again when you’re ready for testing.)

    Hope this might help anyone else struggling with the same problem.

  • Can you tell me what the part number is for the fuse.  I am also trying to identify which number is the part number for the inverter.

  • Sorry I don't have any part numbers except for the motherboard itself.  That number is

    DAL30 LA-2154 Rev 1.0 (000).  I'm still looking for a solution.  Thanks for your interest.

  • Hi qiskat2

    The part you are looking for is:


    I personally didnt have to change the F1 fuse but earlier in the post, 'MicroTest' refers to it as:

    Littlefuse¦0451003.MRL¦Fuse,Quick Blow,SMD,3A,¦Farnell United Kingdom

    Hope this helps.

  • After replacing the broken screen on a Inspiron A I experienced the same problem described above, I could just make out what was on the dim replacement screen with a bright light. I bought a solder kit from Radio-Shack for 10$ and soldered the fuse bridging it  just as the picture above shows (I know it wasn't recommended but I knew I wouldn't be able to successfully solder a new fuse on). The screen works perfectly now. Thanks so much for posting the solution. The repair shop said it would cost more to fix the dim screen Issue than the computer was worth But thanks to your post I was able to fix it with no computer servicing experience for only75$ for a new screen and 13$ for solder and a soldering kit. Thanks again!
  • I know this is an old thread, I hope someone can help me with my problem, here is the scenario. I have a similar problem with my daughter's 1545 but in this case it doesn't work on the internal or external video either. Initially I was assuming the machine wasn't powering up however when I first plugged in an external monitor I got a blip of the screen and saw it was powered to Windows and waiting for a log in. When I first boot it I also get a blip of the Dell bios logo but then all is dark. I don't want to spend mega $'s on this since it is 3 years old, any suggestions?

  • Are you pressing the fn and f8 key and holding them down when you power on your laptop?

  • Tried that, tried the F1 toggling too, tried just about everything I can think of.

  • Looks like it needs a new backlight kit, I used a external monitor and got it to work. I was under the assumption it wasn't booting but after more inspection realized it was.

  • Hi,


    I had the same problem to be honest still have, I checked the fuse first and that was fine, replaced the inverter still the same, replaced the screen wiring harness still the same, replaced the screen and backlight, still no difference, so got a working replacement motherboard and guess what still the same, no backlight.

    So I hooked up the screen to my mrs Toshiba laptop inverter and the backlight works in the old and new screen!!

    Wether you have to replace the board and inverter the same time? quite frankly I cant be hooped anymore trying to get it to work, bought a XPS last year and alls well!!

    Need to find what pin on the LCD socket on the MB gives the inverter the power.  It does get power on some of the pins to the inverter but no output on the Backlight socket of the inverter.

    Its wether you go for a brand spanking new Inverter at £££ just to try? Ive used working second hand ones, but if theyve been unplugged with the battery still connected etc then could have damaged them when being unplugged...

    Hope this helps someone, could build a second none working one now with all the parts Ive got Tongue Tied


  • I had the same problem, stored my laptop for 4 months. what I did was check all the display harnesses connected it to an external monitor it did boot up and got a lot of lines small rectangles (matrix lines)  and then low res problem. I took the laptop apart removed the mother board and everything connected to it, preheated the oven to 395 degrees fahrenheit about 200 degrees celsius placed the motherboard in the oven rack on a sheet of aluminum foil for 8 minutes, turned off the oven left it in for 1 more minute then left the oven door open for 5 minutes took it out and let it cool down. Worked like a charm, I got the idea from a video on you-tube. Could not believe it worked but it did. researched it for about 2 months before I did it and it will not harm any components if you don't go over 10 minutes of continuous heat. Remember to put new heat sink compound. Its called (Reflow soldering) oven baking technique. Or you can use a heat gun directly on the video card instructional videos for that on you tube also. But the oven method will fix other solder problems. Did this a month ago still going strong.

  • Yes it helped me.  But...  I highly recommend that anyone that comes across this fuse in a blown state, you REPLACE the inverter BEFORE you install the new fuse.  I have a strong suspicion that the inverters are blowing fuses when they go bad.  This has to be a design flaw.