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Dell 1537 Laptop is running a pre-boot test that results in error code: 2000-0333


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Dell 1537 Laptop is running a pre-boot test that results in error code: 2000-0333

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When I turned on my laptop the other day I noticed a few splashes of what appeared to be soda on the keyboard. It did not look like it would be anything that would effect the laptop because it was minimal. When the laptop was turning on it started running a pre-boot test on a blue screen which turned into it asking if I could see the colors on the screen with a Y/N option. My keyboard will not respond except the right click button. After there is no answer from me it gives the error 2000-0333. I'm not sure if this is the video card, or the video card and keyboard, but I cannot get the computer in safe mode or anything because my keyboard won't respond. I bypassed this once by removing the battery and it gave me the option to sign in, but still the keyboard won't respond. That was the only time I've gotten to the sign in screen. Any answers would be helpful so I know what my next step is.

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  • Error is the "Graphics Test Timed Out Waiting for a Keyboard Response".

    Your keyboard is probably shot. In addition, something is starting the Dell Diagnostics for at least the video system.

    You could try to run the system repair from the Windows Installation Disk, but there is a good (bad) chance the system board is also shot.

    If you are under warranty, call Dell. Don't mention that something was spilled on the keyboard; you don't know how much was spilled, and it could be coincidental. How old is your machine? It may not be worth the $500 or so it would take to replace the system board.


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  • Yeah I was checking and see that the error code was a time out. 

    So you think it's the video system as well maybe? I mean that's the conclusion I came to when it was asking if I see the colors...but couldn't respond...grrr.

    I'm not under warranty unfortunately. My system is about 2-3 years old and's not worth it.

    I really do feel that the spillage was coincidental because it just showed like 3 drops. It's all very frustrating but I will definitely try the disk first and then go from there.