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Ati mobility Radeon HD 5470 video driver problems


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Ati mobility Radeon HD 5470 video driver problems

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I'm surprised that I have not come across this specific problem in these forums or in support. Ati 5470 driver has problems in 64 bit windows 7. There was problems with the original driver that caused the display to become unstable when coming out of sleep and was only alleviated after a forced reboot. The driver update offered by Dell fixed this problem only to cause a new one. Now, when in multiple monitor mode, the displays keep switching back and forth between the notebook display and the 2nd monitor which is a flat screen TV. Switching back to the older diver fixes this but has the previous problem again. The new Bios update (A09)  has helped slow down the process of the 2 problems mentioned, so that the switching occurs less frequently with the updated driver, and the driver instability is less violent with the old driver. Downloading the driver posted on the ATi website does not solve the problem.

I have even reinstalled the whole OS with no success.

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  • These customer care , aren't understanding r problem. Or maybe they do understand it, and just showing a deaf ear..:( Cause I think they know the problem very well and maybe they r working on it, maybe by getting a new Bios. I hope they do it soon. Or maybe the only solution is to replace the Motherboard with minor changes, in which case I think thats a hell a lot of work, so thats the reason for the deaf ear. :)

    My solution is staying with the old Bios, and never let ur laptop sleep or and if does , the moment ur laptop is back, restart or hibernate it before logging in ..:)

  • Hampton-

    FWIW I have a 1558 / i7/ 8gb/ 500gb HDD win 7 home premium 64 bit.   I'm getting the never ending kernel41 spontaneous shutdown error.  At this poitnt we are on mobo 2 and also just replaced just about every other part inside the machine today... we'll have to see if it solved the problem.

    However, I wanted to respond to your post sine I Am also having an HDMI issue, though it's for me a much more tricial one than the shutdowns.

    Currently I run my 1558 with 2 external displays, one connected to the VGA port, one connected to the HDMI.  The VGA monitor works well enough (apart from not loving the signal quality, but heck , I'm stuck using VGA on it due to port limitations.   However, my HDMI monitor has issues.  Periodically it just goes black for one to three seconds and then comes back.  From everything I've read, this is probably a handshaking issue within HDMI between the PC and te monitor. I did a lot of readig over at the AVS forums where the video geeks are hanging out and they convinced me that the problem really lies within HDMI's nature itself, and not something I can blame on Dell.   (More likely, if there is blame to be had it's on teh ATI drivers.


    Also, I have a sound problem, which is exacerbated running sound through HDMI, where sounds lag a bit or come on slowly. It's likely that this is also due to HDM handshaking etc or sound drivers, but not a hardware solution.

    I get that you are a 15 year engineer, but if you aren't an HDMI guru you might want to do some HDMI research. Evidiently (and it was news to me when I Found out as I hadn't used HDMI before this) HDMI is by no means rock-solid in terms of getting all devices to properly talk to each other. (something about EDID information I believe)

    Might be worth some research on your part- I don't think Del is going to solve that for you- I tried to get the mto work on my HDMI issue and they sis squaddoosh for me.



  • This is interesting. I have no problems with HDMI except the fact that HDMI apparently wont work with earphones on the computer. Its the VGA that keeps switching back between the LCD and the computer. I hesitantly updated to the latest ATi driver (recommended by microsoft's windows 7 solution finder) from the ATi website which is driver version 8.801.0.0. No change. The original ATi driver that came with the computer did not have that problem, but froze the computer coming out of sleep. I never had this many problems with a Dell computer. I am starting to suspect it's because of the windows being 64 bit. I don't see any comments by 32 bit windows users.

    I notice that all the computers buses, video board etc etc are described as being 32 bit. Could that be a part of the problem? 64 bit software on a 32 bit computer?

  • hi,

    i have having absolutely the same problem, Why Dell has designed such a stupid laptop....which creates hell a lot of problems

    here is the story

    1. I believe Studio 1557, 1558 is total failure

    2.The bios update Dell gives solves the old problem & creates a new one.

    3. I bought my laptop for my higher studies & am out of my country now, i dont know how to resolve this problem.

    4. The laptop becomes unstable most of the times, when playing on-line videos, even sometimes playing music in winamp

    5. I could not even able to use skype video chat, Once skype call is started, my laptop becomes unstable & shutsdown within few minutes. I am seriously hit by this problem.

    My config :

    Studio 1558, 4GB RAM, Core - i3, ATI 5740 graphics card, 500GB hard disk.


    Download the latest desktop version driver,then use the ATI mobility MOD above,to convert and install,see if this driver fixes the problem.


    Remember download the DESKTOP version of your driver from AMD's site(NOT the laptop version).Follow the MOD exactly as is DO NOT skip ANY steps or try(think you can) shortcuts doing this.

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  • The webpage you suggest does not seem to offer support for the mobility Radeon HD 5470 which is what we are discussing here

  • I downloaded and installed the latest catalyst software suite dated 2/15/2011 from the AMD website and it seems to have fixed the display switching problem. Displays don't switch back and forth between lcd tv and notebook display anymore with the regular video cable connection. HDMI connection never had problems. Everything Works fine so far.


  • This is a little late but I got my Studio 1558 AMD HD 5470 (has the latest drivers) and the BIOS is A11 - on 24 August 2010. It runs an i7 Q840 2X 1.87GHz., 8GB RAM

    Windows7 Pro 64-bit - XP SP3 32-bit hybrid.

    Running a 24inch LCD main monitor with a 17inch second monitor.

    Other then the thing restarts by itself after running for several hours it seems to work fine. And I am trying to find out why that is. Anybody else have that issue?

    I have not tried sleep mode for a while but I seem to remember that it would not come out of sleep. Maybe that is why I don't use it.

  • I hope the new update for Windows7 "Service Pack 1", might solve most of our Issues. :)

  • My story about two identical Studio 1558 machines with ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 graphics cards and Windows 7 Professional 64-bit: The journey began late 2009, early 2010 with the purchase of 2 identical laptops.  Both computers had issues with the "big" mouse cursor.  Went through all of the technical support from India as a good customer - none of their fixes worked of course.  The solution:  both machines must have a bad motherboard, we will have a rep come out and fix that for you or we will send you two more machines.  Shortly after getting 2 new replacement machines and loading ALL OF MY SOFTWARE & SETTINGS AGAIN, both machines get the "big" mouse cursor again.  I talk to an AMD manager and learn that outsourced parts companies work behind the scenes to make software compatible with the computer's manufacturer's BIOS.  I was also offered 2 new replacement machines again from the India manager - but they couldn't explain to me how that would come close to fixing the problem.  A good India Tech Manager started to understand the issue and escalated to a Dell team to look into (can't believe that I would be the only person receiving replacement computers for this issue).  I agreed to be patient and the tech manager kept close tabs on the situation and eventually explained that Dell was in the process of publishing a new Dell BIOS/AMD graphics card software update.  He didn't know how long that would take.  I think I waited 3-4 months.  One day, I go out to Dell drivers & downloads and see what I have been waiting for - AND IT ACTUALLY FIXED MY PROBLEM on both machines FOR ~7  MONTHS.

    Then out of the blue 2 weeks ago, I start getting a short-lived blank screen with the message that the AMD driver has stopped responding and has recovered successfully on the machine that is used most often, lot of document editing with Office 2010 Professional. This happens more and more frequently over the course of a week.  So, I get the bright idea of checking for a BIOS update and graphic card update.  To my surprise, I find one of each on the Dell website.  The BIOS looks to be from a Oct 2010 release.  So, I load them both and guess who returns on this machine - THE BIG MOUSE CURSOR that I find annoying and time consuming and it keeps telling me:  "Hey, just wanted to remind you why not to buy a DELL".  It gets better though, I called tech support just wanting them to verify that everything was loaded correctly on my machine, they re-install BIOS/graphics software and I am a happy customer who wants to take the wait and see approach.  Granted the tech guy appears to have never heard about this problem before and I walk him through what I need him to do. The big mouse cursor does come back and I wait for the follow-up call in one week.  His response, "Hmmmmm, you are going to have to replace out the motherboard and all of the parts to see if that fixes the problem."  I proceed to explain all of the reasons that doesn't make since and finally straight out make him say, "No, I am not familiar with this issue".  He reluctantly gets me his manager who again does not know anything about the issue and tries to go down the cookie cutter annoying checklist.  I force him to say, "No, I am not familiar with this issue".  After an hour on the phone, he comes around to realizing that this doesn't sound most likely a hardware issue.  He escalates the issue as it was escalated the first time around.  I told him that I don't care how long it takes to get the software posted to fix the issue, I want someone that doesn't give me the runaround and acknowledges that Dell and AMD has a graphics card issue!

    Anyways, the large mouse cursor proceeded to crash my computer today with the graphics card locking up continuously.  I have not tried loading the latest driver from the AMD website for the Catalyst Control Suite.  I went through all of that multiple times the first go around with DELL tech support.  If the graphics card software and BIOS aren't meshing, then I may be dealing with more than just the large mouse cursor.

    Sorry for the long story.  Take home points:     1) I'm surprised that Dell is still having this issue with AMD graphics, 2) Are we not screaming load enough, and 3) Dell tech support are good at what they do, but clueless about the bigger picture.

    Take care, Amanda

  • Hey JJYAR. Thanks for the above info. I too downloaded the above drivers and installed them. Suprisingly, they do work better than the previous drivers. And I feel , its now living up to its true performance. :)

  • Hello,

    I have a Dell Insparion N3030 with ATI 5470 that is a few months old. since day 1 I have issues with the display driver. when I whatch a video on Youtube or any other Flash/streeming video either the driver stops working and recovering or the PC is just stuck and I need to restart.

    Please please please help. I have installed all ATI drivers from the past year and none of them are working.



  • For anybody that is having troubles watching streaming video ( Youtube) or having a random crash and/or audio snag when surfing the internet or Skyping, here is a  solution:

    Go to a steaming video site, like youtube, and click on any video.

    As soon as the video player box loads, IMMEDIATELY hit the stop button (the X on your browsers tool bar), so that the video does not load and play, causing your computer to crash.

    Right click on the video box, and select "settings"

    The first option you should get should be an option about using a hardware accelerator, UNCHECK this box.  Adobe's flash accelerator and some of ATI's graphics cards to not jive very well together, causing a hang up on the audio and video (when it crashes you might hear the audio freeze and make an annoying sound before the computer totally crashes)

    Voila! You should now be able to watch streaming media, AND do things like Skype, without wanting to tear your hair out and throw your laptop out the window in a white hot fiery rage.  I hope this helps everybody, because it helped me!

    My configuration

    Studio 1558, I7 processor, 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5470.

  • This is truly unbelievable, my experiences with Dell relating to this issue almost mirror yours.  I have had the motherboard and processor replaced, and it came back with exactly the same issues.  It was then sent back again to Dell and the motherboard and HDD were replaced.  I got it back on Friday, reinstalled my software Saturday, got Sunday out of it and today I have the big cursor and the video drivers are crashing continually.  I will be making a very large noise to Dell tomorrow, this is not good enough.  It is obviously a problem that has been going on for a long time and is very common.  I am sick of losing work with the random crashing.  I am so over it.

  • Unbelievable

    I've been fighting Dell on this for 2 years! At first they said it was a problem with ATI and then Windows 7, refused to take responsibility. Now they're saying if I spend $500 they'll replace the motherboard. I can see from this forum that that typically does not solve this issue. So, that'd be $500 down and no change. What is more frustrating then ever is that every technician I talk to says this is NOT a known issue!!!! <ADMIN NOTE :Profanity removed per privacy policy>? All they have to do is look here or Google it and they will see scores of people with Studio 1559 laptops, ATI radeon video cards operating Windows 7 ALL having the same issues with crashing and the big cursor. Even here several people have had the motherboard replaced by Dell yet they still say it is not an option. How can they say it is not a known issue. Even their techs have weighed in on the problem on forums. It is most definitely a KNOWN ISSUE to 1558 owners!!

    When is Dell going to stand up and do the right thing? Admit this is a dud. Fix it or replace it. I'm sick of getting nowhere and having ridiculous suggestions. Stand by your products and do the right thing. Nothing seems to fix this issue...either find something or replace these machines. I for one will never spend one more cent with Dell. For years I've struggled with them failing to stand behind their products and support their customers. I'm done. Out.