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Dell inspiron 1525 - New screen very dark


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Dell inspiron 1525 - New screen very dark

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Hello all,

    I have a problem with a Dell Inspiron 1525 with a screen issue.  I replaced the screen after it had been damaged.  The new screen has very dim brightness and the brightness controls do not work properly.  The replacement screen is a factory Dell screen.  Increasing the brightness will sometimes make the screen brighter and then continuing to turn it up will dim the screen again.  I know that this is a very common problem but I'm not sure how to correct this.  Does anyone here have any ideas?

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  • Did you change the inverter with the screen?  Not all inverters are compatible with all models of screen.  Best advice:  If the screen isn't identical to the one you had (same Dell part number), return it for one that is.


  • I did change the inverter (in fact it was a screen/inverter kit) and got the same result.  Right now I have the new screen in with the old inverter.  I can change that.  Where do I find the Dell part numbers for the screens?

  • On the back of the panel.  Is the panel you bought of the same type as the original if it's not identical (that is, it's from a system of the same model, and includes the light sensor if you have one, or doesn't if the original didn't)?


  • It's of the same type.  In fact the replacement screen is SUPPOSED TO BE the factory replacement screen for the Dell Inspiron 1525.  I'm not sure about the light sensor.  Where is it located.  Also does the part number have anything like p/n next to it so I can identify it as being the part number?

  • found the part number.  I will compare the 2 part numbers and report back.

  • Well, new screen does not have a factory Dell part number.  It's a F'ing aftermarket screen that has been misadvertised by the vendor as being a genuine Dell replacement part.  The damned thing does not even have a DP/N on it.  It's heading back to the vendor.

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