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Dell Studio 1555 Graphics Card Upgrade


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Dell Studio 1555 Graphics Card Upgrade

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Hey all,


I was wondering if anyone here knew how i would go about getting my Studio 1555's Intel 45 Integrated graphics chip upgraded to something a lot more stable, like a nvidia card, if this is even possible. I use this laptop alot for gaming, but the integrated graphics chip cant handle much, which causes major lag, along with many other issues. These include the text and picture getting all distorted. ill post a link with a picture of what happens, if i can capture it.


Thanks in advance,



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  • The only upgrade is to the ATI 4570, which is the upgrade option for this model.  Like all notebooks in its size range, the video, whether integrated or discrete, is not  a separate card - it is part of the mainboard.  So, you would need to replace the mainboard - expect that to run $400 or more - and you will lose your warranty in the process.

    You would be better off selling the system and buying a new one.  Consider your needs for the duration you'll own the system, as whatever you do buy will be similarly expensive to upgrade - no matter which manufacturer you buy from.


  • im  having the same issue... are you using windows 8.1 or 7?