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Dell Latitude D630, Screen goes white at boot


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Dell Latitude D630, Screen goes white at boot

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Hello Everyone,

I 've been using my dell latitude D630 for 2 and a half years now, it has not given me any major problems since the past 2 months..

2 months back, the screen of my LCD started showing in diferent colors, the text would be here and there.. the screen would be divided in 2, and there would be straight lines with gaps... I would either restart it, or just turn it off for sometime and then it would start normally.. Then, the problem became frequent and i thought of downloading and installing the latest drivers of my nvidia quadro NVS 135M, after installing the latest drivers the problem still continued, so i uninstalled it, and installed the actual drivers i got with the laptop.. This solved the problem for 2-3 weeks, and then again the same problem started, i would also get the Blue screen of Death with error NV4_disp... i would restart by going into setup and sometimes changing to boot from onboard video card and it would work.. BUt 2 days back, i got the blue screen of death error, i restarted the laptop and all i saw was a bright white light, although it seemed that the laptop's other devices were working.. I connected an external monitor and it showed everything properly.. Suspecting loose connection of display wire, i opened up the lcd and tightned the connections... But still the WHite screen continues.. 

Please suggest a solution, or a way to get closer to the real problem.. I am into IT and laptop is everything to me... Appreciate any help..


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  • This system use a known faulty nVidia GPU.  Attach an external monitor - if the fault replicates itself there, the mainboard needs to be replaced.  Dell has a 1-year warranty extension to cover the faulty nVidia engineering.

  • I did connect an external monitor, and was able to use the laptop as normal... but its the LCD that doesn't show anything.. only white screen..

    Please help...

  • If the external monitor is OK, it's highly likely (but not guaranteed) that the problem is with the display panel itself.  An LCD repair shop can fix the problem (it's with the LCD controller inside the screen) for perhaps $100-150.  Or, you can replace the screen with a new one (figure on double that or more).


  • HI...

    THanku so very very much for all your help..

    While checking on the website, with my service tag number i figured i had warranty left on my laptop.. I called Dell, and they helped me troubleshoot the problem

    We figured the problem was with the display card and the LCD, so they promptly send an engineer to my place within the next 2 days, and he replaced my motherboard and LCD....

    THanks to Dell, their support staff and the Technician iam able to use my Laptop with no problems....

    THanks again...

  • This sounds like it might be a hardware issue. You might want to try opening up the screen and reseating the connectors, etc. The Service Manual should tell you how to do it and it should not be difficult. If that does not resolve the problem then you might want to have a pro look at it.  Good luck.