My laptop was working fine one day, the next day my screen was black.  I thought it might have gone into sleep mode, so I powered it down via the power button.  Came back on, seen the startup dos screen, then all of a sudden the screen went reddish tint, then flickered and went black again.  It did this a couple of times, now it's just black, but I can barely see what's going on, I can pick it out, but barely.  

I hooked it up to a monitor, it works perfect.

I then thought it might be the connection to the motherboard, so I took off the hinge cover and disconnected the cable, then reconnected it, no luck, same result.  Checked the other connections and they seem fine.

What could it be?  Screen gone?  Inverter?  What else can I do to troubleshoot.  Unfortunately,  my warranty ran out a few months ago, will cost close to 500 bux to fix according to Dell support.

If the problem was other then replacing the screen, I'd try to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated.