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How to use my built-in webcam?


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How to use my built-in webcam?

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I recently purchased a Vostro 1720 laptop.  Was in a hurry, didn't have time to ask a lot of question, figured it came with an owners manual... it didn't.

Anyhow, it has a built-in webcam.  I want to make a video to upload to youtube.  I have no idea how to work my webcam.  I don't know the what button to press 1st or nothing.  Need a step by step approach in webcam for dummies type terms.  Thanks You Very Much!

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  • Hi 

    i purchesed dell vostro 1050. i didnt no how the webcame are using without skype

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  • I had the same question and all Dell has told me so far is:

    Your system should have a program called Dell Webcam central already installed, if the program is not installed you should have a CD included with your computer then install it. You can reference the steps to install the software through the site:


    Unfortunately, my system does not have this program on the computer or CD.

  • Now we have the rest of the story. Dell replied with this gem:

    "there is no Dell webcam central application yet made to work for Windows 7. This maybe the reason why it is not pre-installed on your computer nor did you receive the CD."


    So if you have Win 7 like me, you bought a webcam for nothing.

  • In all due fairness, as long as you have the integrated webcam installed in Windows (read - showing as working correctly under Device Manager), the webcam works just fine.

    Sad to say, but it's up to you to find a software to actually utilize it.

    At the moment I'm not really using it for anything in particular as I took it as part of a package deal, but trust me - it works just fine. You can check either via Live Messenger (if you're using it), Facebook (if you're using it), even on YouTube if you want.

    Regarding YouTube -- log into your account, go to 'My Videos' -> New -> Video Upload -> click on Record from Webcam in the upper-right part of the page and see what happens. :D

    TL;DR - the webcam works just fine, just find some sort of software to use it.

    And yes, running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

  • eseeker

    Sad to say, but it's up to you to find a software to actually utilize it.


    I disagree with that statement. I fully expect all the hardware that comes with my computer to be operable and usable out of the box.

  • I just purchased a Studio XPS 64bit with Windows 7 Ultimate. There is no software for the built in webcam installed nor is there any such CD as mentioned above. 

    The webcam works fine with Skype and with the face recognition security system that came with the computer. 

    So it looks like I need to start looking for software if I want to use it to make video or snap photos.

  • I haven't tried yet, but you should be able to use Windows Movie Maker (moviemk.exe) to record from your webcam.


    If you want to use the webcam for webchat, then your IM client (Messenger, AIM etc) should handle the webcam for you.

  • I just recently purchased an Inspiron 1545 running Windows 7 with a built in web cam. Mine came with the Dell Webcam Central Software and it works perfectly fine.

    However, my husband has the exact same system running Windows Vista and his web cam resolution is so grainy it's hard to see anything.

  • I assume that is aDell, if so Go to Dell 'chat room' and speak to live technician. Free and if necessary they will guide you with remote asistance.I did it and they solved similar problem then followed up with detailed EM

  • If you have just bought your Dell laptop you would already have Integrated Webcam/Dell Web Cam Central already installed. If it is not one of the main icons shown when you click "start" then click "all programs" if you can still not find it search "webcam" or "cam". If you can still not find  it then click "start" then "control panel" then  you will see a drop box icon that says "view by" click "large icons"  then click "device manager" then click the arrow next to "imaging devices" it should say "integrated webcam" or something similar to that. If it shows that then it recognizes the program. Then you grab a CD that came with your laptop. It would say " for reinstalling dell webcam central" hope it helps

  • Hi 

    i purchesed dell vostro 1050. i didnt no how the webcame are using without skype