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Broadcom BD Accelerator x64 driver needed, help please?


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Broadcom BD Accelerator x64 driver needed, help please?

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Hi I wonder if anyone can help here and tell me if there is an x64 compatible driver for a Broadcom BD Accelerator installed in an Inspiron 1525. The hardware that was on the 32bit vista was for Broadcom MediaPC 70010. This driver is necessary for High def video and appears as multimedia controller in other devices without a driver.

I have the R170200 and R184676 but these are only x86 for 32bit. Is there a compatible vista/w7 x64 driver available please. Having just upgraded to windows 7 (x64) from vista ultimate (x86) I can't find the driver which I need for Blue ray.

The laptop is only 9 months old so surely dell should update the driver resources for this model, the support page only lists 32bit vista, not even 64bit.

The support didn't even include the touchpad driver though with a bit of initiative i got the 1545 w7 x64 one to work.

Is the accelerator installed in another pc that does support x64 that i can use the driver? I've checked on the net and broadcom site but to no avail so far...

Any help here appreciated.

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  • Hi

    Have you found any driver for Broadcom BD Accelerator for Windows 7 x64 that works?

    I have tried the driver from Toshiba but can't get dxva to work. CPU is 70-100% and HD movies is stuttering... Have also tried driver from Broadcom (Crystal HD) but this does not work either....

  • No I'm afraid not I could not find a driver that would work either. I am extremely disappointed in Dell in that they can't be bothered to develop a W7 64bit driver or even a vista 64 bit one as that may well work as well. This laptop is barely a year old and was only a few months old when I was trying this. Why make it with a 64bit chipset and CPU and fail to make the drivers for all the hardware. I might try the 32bit windows 7 though this is such a waste. I managed to get everything else working apart from the broadcom accelerator. What is so frustrating is that I paid for this this so it had the best graphics than the standard one so that it enables playback of high definition blue ray discs and even a blue ray burner.

    It's surely not too late now fir Dell to pull their finger out and make some compatible drivers so i can run this at 64bit. Please.

  • Yes it should not be too much to ask for.

    The onboard graphic card Intel GM965 does have also some HD capabilities ( but not good enough for HDTV playback. I dont know if the codec asks for hardware acceleration support and this driver is used instead of the broadcoms drivers hardware acceleration....

    It seems that Dell does not want to solve this problem because there have been several questions on this problem with no answer from any support personell.


  • A step closer to an solution:

    1) Install broadcom bcm70010/70012 driver from Thosiba's site. Check that the driver is installed correct with the check utility which is installed under same directory as driver.

    2) Install broadcom crystal HD driver from only to get a codec wich supports broadcoms hardware acceleration.

    3) In device manager find the Broadcom crystal HD driver and open properties form. Under driver click "roll back driver" to the previous driver installed. Then the driver in device manager should be broadcom bcm70010/70012 driver. Don't uninstall broadcom crystal HD because you want to use the codec from it.

    4) Windows 7 overrides what directshow codec it uses. It you have trouble with selecting broadcom codec then you can use to override what Windows selects. You have to use broadcoms codec to use hardware acceleration card. Otherwise you have to get cyberlinks oem driver witch is installed with dell mediadirect.....

    My cpu consumption is when watching h.264 1920x1080 HD tv from cable with broadcoms driver is down from 80-100% with much stuttering to about 40-50%. It is about 17-25% when watching non h.264 tv.

    I have also deleted the Intel graphic driver and installed one default driver from Windows 7. But I don't think that this was the trick. To trick the broadcom crystal hd codec is the solution.

    I have to test some more but so far it sounds promising....

    DELL you should try harder to solve your buyers problems....




  • Finally it all seems to work properly in Mediaplayer Classic and in MediaPortal  Big Smile 

    I use broadcom crystal HD driver from only to get a codec wich supports broadcoms hardware acceleration. Use this also as device in device manager!

    I have changed default directshow filter with DirectShow manager 0.5 to lower the merrit on other codecs lower than broadcom video decoder. Set "broadcom video decoder" as highest merrit (prefered) and then "Video mixing renderer" also as prefered. I have installed ffdshow audio driver and use this for sound.

    Use DirectShow manager to set which codecs you want windows to select first. This is very important!!!!!!!!

    Start "C:\Program Files (x86)\Broadcom\Broadcom CrystalHD Decoder\dts_info.exe" to see if broadcoms codec is in use when you play a video. Watching h.294 1920x1080 HD recording cpu consumption is now less than 30% on both cpu. And I can see in systray that broadcom driver is in use with the dts_info program. Stuttering is gone. If I did not use "Video mixing renderer",  but used standard "Video renderer" the picture was unclear and it was trembling....

    You only need to install Crystal HD and a sound codec eg ffdshow audio you want to use....

    You can install codec from SAF codec pack  (tips: get it unlocked.... search for saf unlocked to get access...). I use beta codec pack from this site.

  • Sorry for taking so long to post back here, only just got around to re-imaging my W7 installation back on to a spare partition and set up a dual boot with vista. I previously had the unknown "multimedia" device in device manager and found and installed the crystalHD 3.5 drivers from Broadcom and came to post the info here and just read yr 2 posts.  All my drivers are now covered in DM though i have not tested any BD playback yet. I won't bother with media direct as it never worked properly on vista. Though i was able to view full HD fine with KMplayer and blueray with anydvd installed.

    Do I need to install any other of the suggested drivers?