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LCD is almost black - Dell Precision M4300


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LCD is almost black - Dell Precision M4300

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Dell Precision M4300 laptop, windows xp professional SP3, Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7500 2.2GHz, 2 GB Ram, NVIDIA Quadro FX 360M, March 2008

LCD monitor for the laptop dims to almost black after a few hours of operation.  I can barely see that the programs are still running.  When the laptop is connected to an external monitor through a Port Replicator - the computer and  programs are operating normal on the external monitor.  When I shut the cover and reopen the LCD goes back to normal brightness.  I have to reset the display properties to relocate the multiple monitor positions.  The frequency has increased from one time in two days to many times in a day. 

My Dell service warranty has expired.  Can someone recommend a course of action and share with me what the repair cost may be?  Would it be best to have this service performed by Dell or a local service?  Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Dell will simply replace the screen - probably on the order of $450+.  Contact an LCD repair shop - the cost should be more like $100-150 to replace the backlight.


  • Do you know if it possible just to replace the backlights, or do I have to replace the whole screen? I tried searching in service documentation provided by dell, but there is no info about replacing the backlight, only the display panel.

  • Btw, this seems to be a LCD-inverter problem, rather than the backlight itself.

  • The inverter is easily replaced - just make sure you get an identical one as a replacement.  The backlight can be replaced but the repair is far from a trivial exercise.

    Here's what is involved:


  • Got a replacement from old M65, but I suppose those are pretty much interchangeable? At least the screen is working again. Thanks for the link! Smile