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M17X & multiple monitors

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I purchased my M17X to replace my desktop. It runs great. I got it with 2 dual GForce cards. The objective is to extend my main laptop monitor onto 2 additional monitors (a 3rd when I get the proper hdmi - dvi cable). Although the system sees my montiors  (in devices-Monitors),  I can only extend the desktop onto one.  Alienware support was not able to help (without my paying them) . In addition, they said that SLI Enabled was not yet supported (they hadn't tested it yet?). Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this going?


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  • Abbott, I looked into this very topic before buying my new laptop.  I would have gone for the second graphics card if  I could run 3 or 4 displays with it.  It was my understanding after a few calls to support and some online research that the multiple displays are possible ***BUT*** one of those displays can not be the LCD panel of your laptop.

    In my particular circumstance, I wanted to have a desktop with 3 displays.  I wanted to put 2 monitors on my desk - one to the left & one to the right of my laptop and use all 3 displays as a single desktop.  Based on my conversations with tech support, that configuration is not supported.

    So I believe your are correct in your finding that you can only extend your desktop to a second monitor.  ...which is a real shame.  dual cards in a traditional desktop support that configuration rather easily. 

    When I discovered that extending my desktop across 2 external monitors, in addition to the laptop LCD, wasn't supported - I stopped shopping the M17x and decided to order an M15X instead with a the faster Core i7 processor.  Without the "one huge desktop on 3 displays" feature, the second graphics card option had no real value to me and the way I intended to use the system.

  • Has anything changed on this topic? I have the m17xr2 with dual 4870 cards. I find it rediculous that you can turn off the crossfire option, but you still aren't able to utilize the second card to power more than 1 external monitor if you are using the laptop lcd. Extremely frustrating! How do we ask alienware about this issue? Hopefully it is not a hardware limitation but a software one.