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my M1530 laptop screen wont come on...


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my M1530 laptop screen wont come on...

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I was playing video games yesterday decided to go to sleep so i closed my laptop got up this morning went to open my laptop back up and when i did the screen didn't come back on like usual. so i thought it was turned off maybe so i hit the power button and it lights up for about 3 seconds then turns back off. So next step i held down the power button until my my laptop turned off completely "i could hear it power down", then restart the laptop after about 30 seconds and i hear it power back up and the power button lights up as do all the buttons for a few seconds then they turn off, and my screen never even lights up..., i can hear the hard drive running and the power light on the front is on but there is no picture... i've tried removing the battery and everything to no avail. I'm hoping for the best but fearing for the worst at this point..

after messing with it a bit longer i noticed that my gpu fan doesn't come on on start up either.. i dont know if it is supposed to or not "never really paid it any attention. i've had this computer for almost 2 years and it has been the biggest nightmare ever.... 2 weeks after warranty expired harddrive fried. then another harddrive fried and it get so hot playing video games if u hit the tab button it will burn your hand...... im so sick of this 1500$ piece of junk..

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  • Is there an image on an external monitor?

    (DO NOT run the system for more than a couple of minutes if it's overheating)!


  • no just tried booting it up on the monitor of the computer i am on now and it didnt even try to work...

  • Call Dell - sounds like the video chip has failed.  There's a 1-year warranty extension in effect to cover nVidia's faulty engineering of this chip: