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safe temperature range for nVidia GeForce 8400M GS GPU


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safe temperature range for nVidia GeForce 8400M GS GPU

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I have a Dell XPS M1330 notebook PC with a nVidia GeForce 8400M GS GPU. Recently Dell replaced the GPU and the motherboard due to display failure under the Dell extended nVidia warranty.  Discussions with the Dell tech have made me more conscious about the operating temperature of the GPU. I installed a temperature monitoring freeware program and it indicates that the GPU's temperature is about 56-60 Celsius (©) at idle (no video tasks running), about 66-72© when watching a DVD movie, and 72-80© when playing a flight simulator video game. These measurements were taken with a notebook cooling pad running concomitantly, which I began using constantly after the repaired PC was returned. The cooling pad seems to lower the temperature consistently by 2-4© at idle and 6-8© (sometimes 10©) under load.

I had two questions for the group:

1. Are the temperature ranges I described for the GPU under the different conditions within expected range, lower than expected, or higher than expected?
2. What is the general safe temperature range for this nVidia GPU at idle and under load?

Thanks for any opinions and suggestions.



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  • Good day as regards to your questions I think your temps are well within the GPU limits.

    Major facts play a big roll on your temps CPU version,bios, climate temperature,OS POWER supply AC vs DC, thermal paste.

    I have the Dell M1330 XPS myself and while I was oversea in Spain my temps while on mains supply hit an all time high for me idle temp 60 -70C  and watching dvd temps went up pretty high but back in the UK it was 50-61 C idle, under load 60 -70 C max and that's just watching DVD via Powerdvd.

    I have read reports of some getting 80+C - 90C and mouse area on M1330 getting very much hot.

    There so much hype on the net that at times it hard to find or believe in some of the statements posted.

    I travel oversea a lot and my M1330 has been doing the rounds with me for near on 2 years plus and I did not want to carry a laptop cooler around with me so I heard about this Copper mod did that about 9 to 12 months back and must say I was very happy with my temps.

    In recent time's I came across this mod by chance on that forum and redid my Copper mod  along with the heat sink mod replaced my fan with one sourced from a Sony VAIO. All I can say is my temps are well down to what they were idle temp now 45C max 62C all these temps are for my GPU my CPU temp are well under (35 -55 C max)  ambient room temp 30 32 C.

    Try and support the rear end (battery) of your M1330 on something like a book so you have a better air flow under your PC for cooling.

    I have still my original mother board and so far no video issues but thinking maybe  I should exchange my board for a new one via the warranty?

    Program I use to monitor my temps is Everest Ultimate and have it loaded on Windows start.