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Dell Studio 1537 Laptop(Vista) w/ Integrated Webcam Problems? Driver?


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Dell Studio 1537 Laptop(Vista) w/ Integrated Webcam Problems? Driver?

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Problems Concerning   Dell Studio 1537

I have Dell Studio 1537 with Windows Vista
I noticed that sometimes my integrated webcam works well and sometimes not, now not at all, sometimes it worked with the integrated Mic and sometimes worked without it.
Do you know how to solve this issue?

Since the webcam has completely stopped cooperating, I have reinstalled Dell Webcam Central, but it still says “Please plug-in a supported webcam,” which is impossible since it is “integrated.” The webcam components are not listed in the Device Manager, so there is no yellow exclamation point saying there is a problem, but why would it all disappear, or should I ask how? Next, I tired to reinstall the driver, but when it is just about complete, an error pops up saying something like an error occurred and driver could not be installed, no error number or anything. I’ve contacted Dell through chat twice, no help the first time, second made progress, but no solution. They installed virus protection software to scan for viruses, found some, fixed them, didn’t help. Their second option, of course, is to start from scratch. Now we did restore the system back to a later date (hopefully before the problem occurred), but this just seemed to make it worse. I am very suspicious of the Windows Update I performed a few days ago when I believe the webcam was working. I’ve heard of people having problems with updates such as these and then having system problems such as mine. I don’t know if this could be it or not, but I would appreciate any feedback, advice, help, whatever anyone can offer. I’m getting pretty desperate here. The driver not installing has me worried. I would love not to have to start over. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

-- Another strange issue, sometimes when I move my laptop, to place it differently or what have you, I hear a sound from the laptop like the sound of plug-in and unplug USB connection. It doesn’t seem to affect anything or create any problems, but this shouldn’t happen, not?

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  • Your second problem mentioned maybe the cause of your webcam problems. If your Device Manager does not show a device with a problem (exclamation mark) under Imaging Devices or you have no such category at all, then your integrated webcam is not being detected as conected to the computer. The integrated webcam is in fact an internal USB device, so the sound of USB connecting or disconecting when you move the computer might be the source of all your problems. It is rare but the internal connection might be loose or the cable runing form the LCD top section to the bottom where the connection is on the mainboard damaged, causing your webcam not to appear.

    Attempts to reinstall a driver will be useless if the device is not listed in Device Manager to start with. If  you get the device to appear on the Device Manager and have a driver issue, please attempt to download and install the original dirver from the link below. Windows Update will show an updated driver available for Creative Laptop Integrated Webcam if you check for updates manually in Vista, I recommend not to install this "updated" driver, it does not work properly.

    Download original Creative Laptop Integrated Webcam from here:


  • Hi,

    I have also Dell 1537 laptop. I have exactly the same problem, and my webcam is not shown in the device manager.

  • Hey jsafaei,

    I’m pretty sure it’s a wiring problem. Thanks to gomobo75’s post, I realized that the USB plug-in sound I was experiencing was actual the webcam device itself being detected then loosing it’s connection, so as I adjust my laptop screen back and forth I hear it click in and out. I haven’t had anyone look at mine yet, but I’ve just been adjusting my screen and using Dell Webcam Central to see when it is detected for a temporary solution. I do have to say it’s quite annoying and it is very sensitive. I plan to have mine looked at soon for the wiring problem. Your problems may be because of the same reason, so you may want to have it checked for that. Let me know if you come up with a solution. Good luck!


  • Hay guys? Did you find a solution to your problem. I have the same issue. Let me known please!!!

  • Hey,

    I believe it is an internal wiring issue. I haven't had mine looked at or fixed. I just use an external webcam instead. I would suggest to have yours looked at by a professional if you are desperate to have it repaired.


  • I FIGURED IT OUT!  After two hours of searching and gathering clicked!  I removed a sticky cover I had on the top of my laptop and that caused the plastic to separate.  I simply clicked it back together, not thinking anything of it.  sure enough all you need to do is.....

    pull the plastic around the webcam down a uncover the lens and you will see a few "computer chip type things"...

    simply press all of those to ensure they arent loose.  On my computer the chip that controls the webcam is directly to the right of the lens.  I clicked it in...heard the "do, do" of inserting new hardware...and walah!!!!

    hope this helps everyone!!!!!

  • i would love to try but dont know the first thing to go about opening my labtop could you help me please. with probly adiagram and explanation and you can email me at  <ADMIN NOTE:email address removed per privacy policy~RK>.  and it would be very expensive

  • Thanks so much for this - I've been trying for hours, I thought it must be a loose cable near the keyboard, but when you mentioned the connection at the camera end, I managed to get it to be redetected! I just separated the front and back plastic of the lid a little, and this was enough.


    Nice one, I just registered so that I could thank you


    Best Wishes - Nick

  • THANK YOU! I created an account just so I could thank you because I would have never figure out that simple solution without your suggestion.  After calling Dell and them suggesting I pay $129 for technical support, I knew there had to be an easier resolution.  Looked at the thread, took two seconds to do, and absolutely made all the difference! Thank you again!

  • Thanks!!!!

    This USB hint is really very helpful!! I just did it and it works!!!

  • Thank`s my E6410 is having the same issue, i will try to see if it`s only a matter of moving the screen till it makes contact again. Windows updated to a new version a few days ago but i can`t find the integrated webcam in the device manager, so it must be a hardware issue.