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How do you hook up a laptop to a projector?


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How do you hook up a laptop to a projector?

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I have a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop (2005) and a Dell 1800MP Projector. I have tried everything and have no idea how to hook these 2 together. I have read and tried everything. But I just don't understand what cable or even if it is possible to hook them up together. Any help would be so much appreciated.

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  • The Inspiron B130 has VGA Out only. You need to find a VGA In on the 1800MP.

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  • Thank you so much. I got it hooked up and remember reading something about the FN and F8 key and ta da it worked. Wow I have been dealing with this for a month now, and ask for help and got it in no time at all. Thanks soooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


  • Hello...I saw your response about this person's laptop having a VGA Out only (Inspiron B130)
    and wondered if you
    might have suggestions for my HP Pavillion Entertainment PC (DV6131OD).
    I too cannot figure out how to get this set up with my laptop and am getting the message
    "device unrecognized,...." when I use the USB...I've also tried connecting using an S-Video cord
    but get nothing...the projector always says "searching for signal"...Any help would be very much