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Dell Inspiron 1525 Display problems


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Dell Inspiron 1525 Display problems

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My Dell Inspiron 1525 is having problems all of a sudden. The screen acts as if it was dropped or something, which hasnt happened ever. But as time goes on, (5 minutes to 45 minutes) the screen will begin to work as time goes on, flucuating in what it looks like until finally it begins to work as normal. The only problem is once in a while, when it acts up, I can shake the whole thing and it will skip the whole screen flucuation mode.

I can try to describe what the screen looks like when it has problems:

Sometimes it will have a solid white line down the middle, 2 and a half inches in width going down the center. Then around that there are tiny boxes that are alternating with white and black, but you only see the black.  Then the white line starts to spread. Then it will pass on and continue this process. Sometimes it will move to the left or right of the screen.

I THINK, not sure though, something is up with the wiring to the display, but im not sure. A buddy of mine looked at it, popped off the keyboard and the power pad and turned it back on and it was fine. We put it all back on and then the problem happened again. I think there might be some pressure occuring on top of one of the wires to the screen causing it to pinch off the wiring, but with less pressure = less problems. Can anyone help me?

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  • 1st connect to an external monitor see if it runs normally all the time on external monitor. If external monitor is ok then next I would swap out the video cable from motherboard to the lcd. Be careful when reassembling that no area of the cable gets pinched when closing up the laptop.

    If problem is not fixed post back.

  • hi i have same problem. i couldn't understand the line  

    "I would swap out the video cable from motherboard to the lcd."

    my screen goes blank with a blink rest everything works fine. plz help me