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i am trying to view my mini laptop through my hdtv using the hdmi and i am not getting any picture at all. is there anything i am doing wrong other than just inserting the HDMI cable or is there something i need to do in another setting. anyone that can help me would be greatly appreciated....thanks.

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  • Hello there. I've got my new mini10 a week ago and I've quikly connected to an HDTV and it's working fine. The only thing that you have to do is reboot your mini10 after having connected the hdmi cable. In this way the graphic card recognize the new display. After having done, configure your card trough the video settings (right clik on the desktop --> Graphic properties and set the output of your video card as extension of the desktop or as double monitor, as you prefer. In this way everything should be fine.

    Good luck.



  • Thanks for the comment above, it has allowed me to get an image on my TV from my laptop.  However, this only allows extended descktop (rather than a clone of my laptop screen).  If I try to make it a clone (using either the 'properties settings' for the display or using teh intel graphics assistant this just crashes the image on the TV and only shows an image on the laptop.  To get the image back on the TV I have to reboot the laptop (which then reverts to an 'extended desktop' format on screen.

    Any suggestions?


  • There should be a Fn  LCD/CRT key sometimes in blue.

    Modes should be Internal, external, and both

    You may need to adjust resolution lower on the internal if the tv has low resolution.

    If the HDMI monitor can do 1600 x 1200 and higher resolutions you cannot "Mirror" that to the onboard LCD.


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  • Hi. To send the video via HDMI port I use the F1 key without pushing Fn first (ie the symbol is not in blue). On the other hand, the sound is not transmitted via hdmi and I have not yet tried to upgrade the graphics pilot. Finally, on my mini 10 I still can't read any HD files and have choppy video in many instances.

    I hope DELL will provide some solution to the video problem.


  • After you have connected the HDMI to the TV, right click on your volume icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen and click on the 'Adjust Audio Properties'. Click on the Audio tab and then switch the Sound Playback's 'Default Device' to 'HDMI Device'. Apply and press OK and you are good to go for using the Audio on you TV instead of you laptop.




  • I have the same issue with my Inspiron with Audio not working with the monitor I've hooked up.  The only option I have for the Default Device under the Audio tab is "Realtek HD Audio output".  The Device "Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI" is listed under the Hardware tab, but still no audio.  Any suggestions?