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How to Connect Inspiron to TV


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How to Connect Inspiron to TV

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I would like to connect my Dell Inspiron E1505/6400 to a TV so i can watch my movies and use it as a DVD player.

How would I do that and what settings whould i have to use for my laptop?

My laptop has a VGA & (7-pin) S-Video hookups, and TV has S-video and RCA.

Any help would be Great!

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  • Wow!  I usually lurk on the boards to fix my PC problems.  This time I see a question I know how to answer - yours!

    I have connected my XP Media Center Dell Inspiron E1505/6400 to my TV.

    I purchased a cable from Svideo DOT com that makes this happen.  Not sure if the link is allowed here.

    From the website:  "Pro 7-Pin SVideo + Audio to 3 RCA Cable cable allows you to connect the 7-pin receptacle on your laptop or computer graphics card to a TV that only has RCA jacks for audio and video."

    I have the 6 foot long cable which is the shortest one, but I really should have gotten a longer one so it reaches the coffee table!  It works great anyway!

    Just spreading good computer karma around today!

    HTH Smile


  • I have tried to use my DIN socket as described above but got no joy.

    I think I may need a driver for this but not 100%.

    I have searched the web to no avail, any help would be appreciated.