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Latitude XT tablet rotation buttons disabled by SP3. . . again.


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Latitude XT tablet rotation buttons disabled by SP3. . . again.

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Back when SP3 came out, it disabled the rotate button the XT.  I fixed this last time by updating to the latest ATI driver.

A week ago, I completely wiped my Latitude XT and reinstalled XP, SP 3, and all my other software.  Of course, when SP3 installed, it disabled the screen rotation again (thanks, Microsoft!)

However, this time an update of the ATI driver didn't help.


ATI driver version: 8.551.0.0

Catalyst version: 2008.1024.2138.3637 (yes, really.)

I can rotate the screen just fine through catalyst control, but the 'rotate' button on the surface of the tablet gives the usual error: "the setting you requested cannot be supported.  Open. . .blah blah blah"

What's up?  Is a full reinstall with my future, or can I roll back to an earlier ATI driver and have it fix this problem?

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  • So I found another thread on here where this problem was encountered and resolved, apparently.

    It looks like the newest ATI driver is borked, and ATI hasn't been smart enough to roll it back and fix it yet.  The resolution seems to be to roll it back, then have windows use the "update driver" option from the hardware manager to pull driver 8.491.  That version supports rotation.  I'm about to try it by doing a complete driver uninstall and reboot.  Wish me luck.

  • Ok, so I'm back, with the "updated" driver.

    So here's the big news: DON'T USE THE DELL PROVIDED ATI DRIVER from the Latitude XT list.

    8.551 breaks the rotate function under SP3, just like earlier driver versions.

    If you have 8.491, don't update.  If you have an earlier driver and need rotation to work, go to:

    control panel -> system -> hardware -> device manager -> display manager -> ATI Radeon 1250 ->update driver, and let it give you the 8.491 driver from windows update.

    If you have 8.551, go to the same location and choose "roll back driver" until you have an earlier one (probably 8.432) then perform the update function and grab 8.491.

    Warning: if you roll back from 8.551 and the newest Catalyst control center install, this will break your CCC, as it can't recognize the older driver, apparently.  I found a functional rotate button superior to the ATI CCC, which was always kindof an excessive set of options for a tablet anyway, in my opinion.

  • Following XP SP3 installing. perform a reboot.

    Then go to windows update it will show you a specific Dell button update for tablet edition.


    happy days....


    Do not install the ATI driver listed on the windows update site.