Back when SP3 came out, it disabled the rotate button the XT.  I fixed this last time by updating to the latest ATI driver.

A week ago, I completely wiped my Latitude XT and reinstalled XP, SP 3, and all my other software.  Of course, when SP3 installed, it disabled the screen rotation again (thanks, Microsoft!)

However, this time an update of the ATI driver didn't help.


ATI driver version: 8.551.0.0

Catalyst version: 2008.1024.2138.3637 (yes, really.)

I can rotate the screen just fine through catalyst control, but the 'rotate' button on the surface of the tablet gives the usual error: "the setting you requested cannot be supported.  Open. . .blah blah blah"

What's up?  Is a full reinstall with my future, or can I roll back to an earlier ATI driver and have it fix this problem?