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M6400 Nvidia color problem


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M6400 Nvidia color problem

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I have just received a new M6400 with 4GB RAM and the FX3700 with 1Gb. Some days ago, a coleague with the same equipment detected a strange case. He works with HD and 3D modelling and he was pursuing an outstanding model to do presentations and play HD videos with an external blue-ray. I mean he is an HD expert. From the very first moment he told me the computer didn't match his expectations. But it was somehow difficult to demonstrate, until he got a good example. I would like to get comments from other M6400 owners to see if this is an isolated case.

After downloading google earth you know you can set personal marks using pushpins. The default pushpin is yellow. Well. With the M6400 in Full HD mode, you can see that is a pushpin, of course. But is just a pushpin profile in yellow. There is no additional line or colour degradation to support the pushpin form. If you switch to the white pushpin, which uses the same .PNG than the yellow one, you can see a perfect pushpin.

You can check the pushpin without downloading google earth at http://maps.google.com/mapfiles/kml/pushpin/ylw-pushpin.png

or the white pushpin at http://maps.google.com/mapfiles/kml/pushpin/wht-pushpin.png

We compared the pushpin image with the same one at a Latitude D820 and a Latitude D505. Both laptops showed a perfect yellow pushpin. We requested technical support and the technician suggested us to check against an external monitor. At that moment we just had a 15" CRT available so we tested it. The CRT showed perfect pushpins. The technician told us it should be the LCD and arranged a date to review the laptop.

After changing one of the LCD, and testing it, the yellow pushpin was still showing a dissapointing undefinition. The technician reviewed several settings for more than an hour and finally concluded that it was a misconfiguration of the Nvidia control pannel. The default advanced configuration shows 50% Contrast, 50% Brightness and 50% Gamma for the desktop color pannel. The other two parameters go to 0%. The technician changed them to 65% Brightness, 17% Contrast, 6% Gamma and 17% Digial Vibrance.

The 17% contrast has its drawbacks. All the grey scale has mostly dissapeared.

We have now compared the M6400 pushpin with another computer with an Nvidia 8800 which is absolutely outperformed by the FX3700. And the pushpin is perfect.

I believe there might be a problem with the LCD display and when I get some time I keep testing with external digital monitors, HD TVs using the HDMI output and so on. But I would like to get some feed back from other users about this.

Is there anybody out there staring at undefined pushpins?

Thanks and regards:


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  • Which display is this?  LCD or LED

  • It is the laptop display, which is a LCD display, as it is stated in the post.

  • I guess the poster was just making sure - The M6400 has screens in different flavours

    I'll try this on my Covet tonight and see if I can observe it

  • I have the same problem with my M6400 distinguishing between some greens and some yellows.

    It displays green CCFF00 as yellow FFFF00 instead.  Here are some comparison images with the M6400 connected to a Dell 2007WFP monitor:





    The test files used were:





  • Hi, I got my m6400 last week and have the same problem  with it.

    Using Spyder3 can slove this problem.


  • Thanks for suggesting Spyder3 but are there any free programs that can adjust these colors. 

    I've tried the build in NVidia control panel but it doesn't do anything to change the colors.

    I have the color issues with my Dell M6400.  It's the LCD screen with the 1440x900 resolution (base price).  It is very apparent when using a note taking application called Stickies.  I show those canary yellow notes as brownish orange.  When developing web pages I have to preview my pages on an external LCD monitor to find the true colors.

  • Hi! There is a discussion about the color problem of M6400 on


    There are many color profiles and setting methods in that discussion.

    For examplie:

    You can download the color profile from


    "Here is my E2E-RGB-LED monitor profil. Improved the image alot for me! Before I got the spyder 3 tool I adjusted the colors in the NVidia control panel, but the spyder tool is much better!


    "For the icm profil:
    control panel --> color control (or something like that)
    "add" --> choose the E2E Profil --> set as standard
    --> advanced --> system profil --> E2E Profil."


    "I went through Adobe Gamma, Monitor Calibration Wizard, and Lagom Testpage. The first two did not give me good results. Lagom Testpage did give me decent color correction, but it is still off. My color settings are changed to the following:

    Channel: Red
    Brightness: 45%
    Contrast: 50%
    Gamma: 38%

    Channel: Green
    Brightness: 50%
    Contrast: 50%
    Gamma: 24%

    Channel: Blue
    Brightness: 52%
    Contrast: 40%
    Gamma: 16%"


  • The users on that thread are referring to the RGB-LED E2E screen.

    The problems we are having here are with the CCFL screen.  I bought a Spyder3 and tried to calibrate the screen with it but it made no difference.  The CCFL display is simply not capable of displaying the missing shades of green.

    Also, you cant use the icm profile posted for the CCFL screen because it only works with the RGB-LED screen.

  • Hi,


    I have the same problem with my LG lcd screen on my m6400 and I'm very annoyed!

    This laptop is aimed at creative professionals and as colour is an important part of my work I spotted it instantly...I cannot understand how it was released with this defect. My precision M90 screen was better than this, maybe not as bright, but more accurate colour representation...the M6400 screen is a step backwards, with garish over saturated colours. I have tried calibration tools with rivatuner and nvidia control panel but they only improve it slightly and I don't believe it can be calibrated properly.

    I use an external monitor but I still want a quality base screen and I think this is unacceptable for a workstation.

    Does anyone know of a desaturation calibration tool for nvidia cards?

  • Hello,

    I use scRGB on Vista.





  • Hi,


    well Dell finally changed my screen for the rgb led display (after coming round with the wrong screen a couple of times)


    My first impressions are that it's a definite improvement but not going to be competely perfect. I can now see the defined yellow pushpin ok but the over saturation is still present . Hopefully I can calibrate this one a bit better......


    I recommend the antiglare led screen over the ccfl one but I still don't trust it for colour work. someone needs to write an nvidia colour saturation hack...anyone?

  • Hi all, I also have the same problem as the rest of you with way over saturated colors and displaying the green as yellow. I do fine art photography and purchased what I thought would be the very best Mobil workstation to do my work. I am so frustrated this is unacceptable!

    I talked to Dell a week ago and the rep did not understand anything about calibrating a monitor. He kept trying to say it was my brand new Epson Pro 9900. I said the same problem is with my 7600 when I use the M6400. I have used the 7600 for years with no problems. Also if I print to either of the printers with one of the other computers where I corrected the colors on, the print looks just like the monitor. I told him I have 5 computers with 5 different monitors here and if I load the same image into each machine, all look the same except this M6400 using the built-in LCD. If I hook up one of the other monitors when I drag the window to the other monitor it is displaying the correct colors. I found this thread on the forum here and sent him the link. Well a week went by with no response but today another person called back and said they would change my LCD. So that is what I am waiting for. It is very telling to see on 1 desk the 5 different computers with just the M6400 showing yellow instead of green. I will post the results when they come to replace the LCD. I will be looking forward to some of you others to continue to post your findings.

    Thank you,

    Albert Mach Fine Art

  • Okay here is the latest.The Dell Tech came today and changed my LCD and motherboard. As I expected there is no differance. He told Dell Tech support there was no differance. The tech that came out was nice but furusterated by the Dell technical support people. It looked like nothing else would be done, so I called Dell support after he left and talked to a person there that said LG new of the problem, they were able to see our problem, acknoledged it and were working on a fix for us. I was told to be patient, and the problem with my system was documented and would be corrected as soon as they had gotten it corrected. At least for the 1st time I wasn't just given the brush off. So time will tell, but I do think they will fix it finnally.

  • hello, any progress on this? i don't have any problem with those images of pushpin and green test, but i do see greys bluish, so i don't know if i should change the panel or if it needs external calibration.. can anyone help on this? thanks

  • I purchased a m6400 with a color LED screen in Oct 2009.  It also has the extreme color saturation problem others have posted about. I called Customer Service and logged the problem. They said Dell engineering has been aware of this issue since April 2009.

    This really is a big issue that needs a resolution.

    Why can't a software solution be added to control color saturation?